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  1. Thanks gentlemen! Yes I am referring to you guys! Here is a before pic. I saw a gun with the receiver painted a battleship grey and thought it was outstanding looking. I have a Tromix modified G2 FCG, a Tromix DIY trigger guard (very nice, by the way), and I was the winner of the auction that Chaos (also very nice) had a while ago, so I have some good looking stuff. I will post as I make progress. Any suggestions on the paint? Prep?
  2. I bought my S-12 in April, have been collecting the necessary parts, and I am finally getting around to doing the conversion. I finished it in a shorter time than expected, with the help of a few pics from another post and that video from Carolina. I was thinking that I just might to change the color of the receiver. Nothing too wild, just different. I was looking at the barrel assembly where it attaches to the receiver, and it looks like if I drift out that one pin, the whole barrel assembly, gas tube and all, will slide out the front. Could it be that simple? Also, I was going to use
  3. Hey Kimo! Welcome Newbie! I am sure there are a few of us that would love to give you some advice or opinion, but I, for one, do not have the foggiest idea of what you are referring when you talk about the use of "fiber optics" on a Saiga. Could you please explain what you are referring to? Thanks!
  4. I think this has been happening a LOT more than we are hearing about. They are keeping it under wraps so we are not too alarmed and prepared. Boy, that sounded paranoid. Remember those two Black Panthers outside the polling place in Philly, I think it was? The Justice Dept. had an airtight case with the videos and witnessses. What happened? Our gun-grabbing AG made them drop the case. Can you guess why? Because they are being drafted as Generals in Obama's Brown Shirt Brigade ....OK, I made that part up. Scary part is, it's probably not too far from what is going to become reality
  5. I flew my flag upside down during the aftermath of the 2000 Pesidential Election when Al Gore put the whole country in distress. I use Flag stamps on my mail and since Nov. 4, 2008, I have started putting them on upside down again. I in no way mean any did-respect, only to show that we are in distress. That Vet was probably trying to copy the Vet that cut down the American Flag that was being flown UNDER the Mexican Flag at Mexican grocery store, if I am not mistaken. Now THAT was DIS-prespect. Of course, not knowing what was going through the man's mind, that is pure conjecture on my p
  6. Vinnie: This caliber was developed by FN. To the best of my knowledge, those are the only three firearms that will shoot that round. And YES, it is fun to shoot.
  7. I worked the membership counter at the NRA Meeting last weekend. I did learn that there is a way to remove yourself from the mailing list so you don't receive all that annoying mail. Believe me, there is a bunch. Some people would not join because of it. I can do some research to find out exactly how this is accomplished, if anyone is interested.
  8. Wow! I volunteered to help out at the NRA annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. I was assigned to the sign-in/membership desk. Holy Crap, Batman! It was an endless sea of humanityy. On Friday, we opened at 8:00. I did not get a moments rest until I was relieved by the second shift at 2 PM. We signed up THOUSANDS of new members. Some people had to wait outside for two hours to get in because the Fire Marshall said we were creating an unsafe situation with all the people waiting in the hallways and blocking the exits. Saturday was a LOT busier, but the lines were manageable. Again, no break u
  9. Unfortunately, these kind of stories do not make the news because it does not fit their template of us as a bunch of knuckledraggers. That man should be given a citizenship award and the keys to the city.
  10. You're on this forum, we are ALL going to get a visit from the goon squads.
  11. Welcome! You came to the right place. There is a lot of good info here.
  12. I read a rant from Jugs the other night that was right on the money and awe-inspiring. I checked back the next day and it was gone. I even looked in the Fight Club forum, but to no avail. Anyway, there was mention of a break in procedure on a Saiga 12 before you did the conversion. I have been lurking here for a couple of months and do not recall anything mentioned about breaking in the shotgun BEFORE you convert it. It makes a lot of sense to me. If there is a thread already out there in this vast storehouse of knowledge, could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks! Jugs, y
  13. Boys, stop kicking sand at each other. Saigafun, who is that lovely lady in your avatar?
  14. Mine's too obvious! Nuts about guns and getting nuttier all the time. I was surprised the name was not taken, but then again, you folks have some really imaginative names. I am so nuts, I got my FFL last year and have started my own business. I can't wait 'till it grows a little more and I become a business member. Visit My Website
  15. I have been a Chevy man most of my life. Their trucks have been good to me. Right now I have an '03 3/4 Ton HD 4X4. I have 92K on it and if I wash it, I still get compliments on it's looks. I am also troubled by GM accepting bailout money. They are ripe for government takeover. I don't think I could buy another Chevy under those circumstances. I have issues with Ford about their support of the GLBT agenda. I always liked 'Yotas, and my wife is on her third or fourth one. She has had no major problems with any of them. When it comes right down to it, buy what you like, but shop aroun
  16. I don't think Obama gives a rat's ass what We The People say. He is an elitist and a socialist. Bad combination.
  17. I didn't see a kitty, just a half naked woman. :o/ Do you folks shut this type of crap down?
  18. How about unsolicited PM from a newbie trying to sell me a sex connection in my home town?
  19. Awesome! I just ordered my fire control group parts from Dinzag!!! Pictures to follow on the proper thread. Now is the time for us to stand up and be heard. Let's make Charlton Heston proud. Thanks Cameron!!!
  20. Thanks! I watched this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to save it. I have been looking for it ever since. I was too proud to admit I lost it. You know, like asking for directions. www.mktactical.us
  21. I bit on this HARD! That was good! (4/2/09) Today I was lying down to take a power nap and the phone rang. It was an 812 area code, so I let it go to VM. Upon listening to the message, it was Mike from Alliance. I told you I bit hard. I had sent him my contact info about reselling his products and he was returning my call. Don't worry, I won't do it. I have read about the infamous Wraithmaker incident and would not represent his products if I was eating dog food. This is an awesome forum and I check in daily. I am getting ready to convert my new baby and will probably be seeking
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