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  1. Ill bend it over and try again tomorrow. lol that was kind of funny
  2. 7.62 has a tapco trigger kit installed. when I fired the first shot i noticed the trigger did not move all the way back forward. I pushed on the back trigger got a small click and it move forward and would fire again. dropped of dust cover and noticed the spring was not setting on the right side side of the trigger correctly. so i picked the spring up moved it over to where it should be. figured that was the problem. NOT... tried three more rounds and every round i had to push the trigger forward before it would fire. I looked and I dont see anything that looks out of place any suggestions on what to look for? couple of more test fires the hammer spring is coming off I need to take it apart and try to adjust the spring so it is not popping off
  3. I have this... with mag latch filed down to far when I got it but I opted to fix instead of sending it back to factory.
  4. Just personal experience with the "M+M Inc Magazine Release that's self adjusting" I liked the idea of any magazine works with less wobble. I recently purchased a saiga that the mag latch was filed down to far from the factory so i decided to try one. the cost was 29.99 plus shipping. 1. Super easy to install maybe 10 min tops 2. The first 2 magazines I tried wouldn't lock in both polymer uspalm and a pmag (should work with any mag pos or not) 3. I see the issue and I will have to file a little material off very little but none the less I will have to modify/adjust it. 4. customer service super nice but slightly lacking on responses through email. I called they were nice and I did get a person instantly to talk to. They called me back and said I would need to modify the mag latch. (i knew that was coming before they even called me back) 6. self adjusting? maybe less wobble? maybe but not out of the box for this particular rifle I really wont know until I modify and test it out more. I will post a final opinion after I modify it and run it a while but I am not sure that it will work any better or worse than a properly modified factory mag latch. I understand the design of the M+M and how it should work also to be fair we all know that the Saiga build tolerance is a little lack luster so the axis pin hole for the mag latch may be +/- on its position. But I thought this mag latch would resolve any tolerance issue and have no problem with a variety of mags or any mag hence self adjusting.
  5. from what i saw when i looked through yes it treats suppressors as normal firearms. I think this is the link you are referring to http://americansuppressorassociation.com/hearing-protection-act/
  6. please contact you local rep. My neighbors would be thankful if this bill passes. https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/3799
  7. cino

    Gas Regulator

    I know I saw a post with this info but cant find it. I was inspecting gas ports and when i thread the regulator back in I screw it all the way down and it almost clicks into position 1 but doesn't. I can back it out almost a full turn to get it to click into position 1. is this correct? tia
  8. Lots of great info i guess its sad when i was browsing the pictures of these devices they all looked about the same.
  9. sweet thanks for the great explanation
  10. So I see all sorts of brakes, flash hiders and door breach. besides those cool looking spikes that I am sure one day i would gouge my leg with it i don't see much difference. I understand the point of the ports being pointed in a certain direction. but besides the port direction i guess i don't understand the difference between them I guess if i ran out of shells and i could gouge you to death with my cool spike muzzle break
  11. Thanks for the advice I've done some conversion's but not looked at doing the mag latch yet. I will do some homework before I go down that rd. Are the extended mag latches worth looking in to? Ive never personally held a rifle with the extended mag release so I am unsure if I would like it or not.
  12. you are correct ill have to change out the latch its to short ugh wish i had looked sooner i just placed an order i could have added it on instead of paying shipping twice
  13. Thanks I will have to take a look
  14. so i fixed the hammer spring which i guess i over looked 3 times but the actual culprit is a pos magpul gen 3 maybe a gen2 magazine. the us palm works fine....not sure why its a problem they both seem to sit about the same i will have to do some research or better yet just get some different magazines
  15. i think i got it fixed ill test tomorrow
  16. I just got a "factory converted" 7.62 the first round is fine then it loads the shell but doesn't push the bolt back far enough to recock the hammer. slides look ok and oiled. first place to look? gas ports gunky? spring? figured i was ask instead of starting to guess sad my conversion fires every time on time..... Thanks
  17. my question is what is the difference in getting the Factory conversion ( receiver stamped RWC group) over getting dinzag or css parts. The one+ is a welded bullet guide over tap and drill but unsure about the rest
  18. I talked to this guy at the gun show and it looked like he did some nice work but it was also expensive. i have never done biz with him but seemed nice and looked like he knew what he was doing https://saigacustom.3dcartstores.com/
  19. what part of the country are you in?
  20. it has the factory hand guard and has a stamp RWC group I think I did not need the Shepard Hook (spring) because of the retaining plate I installed but now I have a strong urge to go back over what I have done since I had been reading a lot about converting a 12 and a 7.62 at the same time
  21. So I picked up a "Factory" converted 7.62 today. I noticed it has a tapco trigger and few other American made parts. this leads me to a few questions. I am a little confused on what they did and who did it. was this really converted at the factory I assume a us saiga factory? is the trigger group a g2 modified? I have not taken it apart but it looks like the spring I left out during my pg conversion is still intact? i guess really my question is what is the difference in getting the Factory conversion over getting dinzag or css parts. The one+ is a welded bullet guide over tap and drill but the rest i am unsure about. just learning as I go. Tia
  22. cino


    I just got one with dimples their so cute i want to squeeze them. all jokes aside i thought these were long gone at least new ones or maybe it was old stock.
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