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  1. I have installed a Tapco T6 stock on my Saiga 308 and now I need some help. The trigger pulls up and back and I need it to pull stright back. What kind of trigger or Fire control group can I install to improve the trigger pull? I really want to keep the receiver in orignal condition so a drop in type of solution would be nice. Thanks.
  2. I know that some parts have to be non AK standard but which AK parts can be used in my 308? I really want to built up a spare parts kit that will keep my Saiga 308 going for years in case something happens and the supply of spare parts get cut off.
  3. I am a new owner of a Saiga 308-1 with a 22" barrel and it has became my favorite rifle. I try to have spare parts for all my rifles and pistols but so far I am confused about parts for my Saiga. Yes there is a lot of convertion parts out there but what about stock parts. What if any AK parts will fit the saiga 308? A list of dealers that can supply these parts would be great. Thanks
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