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  1. In before pic it has a magazine lock and a 10 rounds mag. Stupid California crap
  2. Stupid California crap. Can't have pistol grip with normal magazines.
  3. New aquisition with 100yards target I shot that past weekend.
  4. I have '47 FSB in the spare parts box. Likely I'll go for the classic look for the next build. I wanted to get functionality with this one.
  5. Oh yeah, that'll be done after shooting to make sure it's straight.
  6. Took about 30 minutes or so. Used Dremel to make cuts on each side of the old FSB and then was smacking it with the hammer. Used hammer and a piece of plastic to "install" new FSB. Overall, easy stuff.
  7. Midwest/Palm. They are optic specific (for co-witness)
  8. THEY ARE IN BUSINESS! They charge my card on Monday and I got stock today! It's non-folding, polymer stock. So far I like it.
  9. Not the most comfy way, but it's a way not to have maglock and use normal mags
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