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  1. RRA complete ar pistol lower-$250.00 shipped When you say complete does it include the pistol buffer tube ?
  2. I guess this just proves that you should never bet your life on an inferior product. Glad it turned out good however.
  3. I guess that the target you were shooting at 100 yards would be either dead or dying with ANY of the ammo., that's good enough for me.
  4. Worst thing that could happen is the last round wouldn't feed....
  5. Guess I don't understand what protection this form offers, what's the penalty for lying on it ? It doesn't make a stolen gun un-stolen or make a criminal not a criminal. Guess it does give attorney's something else to argue about in court. IF you really want to do it right, insist that ALL TRANSFERS be done by an FFL.
  6. I'm sure lots of folks here would be interested in this, I know I would, but it must work flawlessly.
  7. When it said "1,000 yard AK" I just thought it was R-E-A-L-L-Y long... I'll be watching.
  8. Have you seen this gun cause if not wouldn't it be kind of unfair to assume you know everthing that his gun is, don't you think ??? I can however tell by your post and the lenght of time that you have been here that you are the EXPERT. FYI even some members here sell their converted S12's for more than $ 1,400.
  9. I would vote for the 512 which I also own, it will do everything you need..
  10. Sell it to me for $ 50.00 problem solved....
  11. Move to a FREE State, problem solved.
  12. Looks like you already have Pauly on the problem....I would put my money on following his suggestions.
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