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  1. When did you order? I placed mine May 27th and haven't got a confirmation. I'm anxiously awaiting mine.
  2. Cameron, I shot you an e-mail about mine. I'm not in a hurry. I was just curious as to the status. Thanks again for a great product and service. Derek
  3. Ok. Thanks. So what is everyone going to use for sights? If the stock, hk, and kreb's won't fit? Just curious. I need the ability to aim
  4. I have a quad rail on the way and would like to figure out what sights I am going to use. I originally wanted HK's and was going with the tri-rail but for the same price I had to buy the quad. I would like to use the Kreb's if you can get a sight picture over the rail. Any input from those of you that have already received your rail is greatlly appreciated.
  5. This is exactly what I'm trying to decide.
  6. That endine tube is the bees knees...I will have that for mine...I would also use the thicker pad... Any shooting reports from anyone who has used this unit before??? I thought that the Endine ShotShock buffer tube was only available in MilSpec size? All of the pig noses and AR tube adapters that I have seen for our guns have been commercial size. Someone please correct me so that I can put an Endine on my weapon. afaik both milspec and commercial tubes use the same castle nut, so both will work with the pig nose adapter. The threading is the same on both commercial and milspec. The tube diameter itself is just slightly larger on the commercial. I would consider the Endine buffer tube if it were commercial. But if I bought it now I would have to pay the full 120 + the price of a mil-spec CTR since mine is a commercial I bought the commercial because it has a .55 thick recoil pad and the milspec had like a .30. I'm just crossing my fingers for Magpul actually releasing that thicker pad.
  7. That pad should be more than sufficient for my needs. The recoil isn't unbearable but after about 200 rounds of 00/000 magnum loads in one session I did somewhat desire a better pad
  8. I put some Magnum 000 to the tune of about 300 rounds. 100 Saturday and 200 yesterday and I can honestly say with the stock recoil pad it has worn me out. Are there any thicker ones that fit those stocks and if so where can I get one? Thanks
  9. The blue parts are the only countable parts. Why don't you read the 922r section and perhaps answer your own question? I read the FAQ's and etc. Some are about AK and some are about Saiga and some say the number differs between Saigas. I was just confused.
  10. Ace internal stock block Magpul CTR stock Tromix Tapco G2 Trigger, hammer, disconnector Tromix DIY trigger guard Tapco Saw grip Chaos Warthog muzzle break and nut I also have a new gas plug but want to know if I decide not to use the gas plug if it is still 922r complaint. I also have AGP mags, but would like to use the stock mag too.
  11. I was just curious if I'll get a shipping notification. I just placed the order yesterday (Sunday) and was curious.
  12. I personally liked the Combat Black after seeing it in person. It seems a darker black than the matte black. I also like the Colt Gray but decided to go with Combat Black in the Self Lubricating. I'm going to do the inside of my receiver and some moving parts
  13. Yeah its the CTR. I had it laying around waiting for a tax stamp for an SBR so I snagged it for the Saiga. It's the commercial tube version with the thicker pad. I am going to do the forearm and a brake soon. I still haven't refinished the bare metal yet, but I have some duracoat on the way. Stripping it down and putting it back together is easier after the first time Thanks again guys
  14. I just want to thank everyone that has been so helpful during my conversion. I wanted to do it myself, that way if I ever have problems I understand the workings of the platform. I have been doing gunsmithing work on other firearms for years but never got into the AK/Saiga world. I only recently learned of the shotguns a few months ago and am very happy with the way mine turned out. I hadn't decided if I want to SBS it or buy a second one to SBS. I'm going to strip it back down and duracoat everthing with the self lubricating duracoat. I'll post a better pic when I get done duracoating
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