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  1. I'm not buying it...thought long about it though. Shot my sgl over the last couple of days to get it out of my system lol. Thanks for the info guys
  2. You guys saying pass on stock saigas. Are you referring to x39s? I was under the impression that the .308s were worth a little more.
  3. Been researching a bit and noticed something I need a concrete answer on. The Saiga in question has the bump on the reciever just as the Vepr's do. Most Saiga .308s I am seeing are all smooth sided guns. Can anyone explain this? Is it this way because of the year of manufacture? Anyone with knowledge of what year they went to the smooth side in the 308s.
  4. Thats what they got told Capt. I was hoping you guys would say it was a great deal at 700 so I could replace my Veprx39 I traded away in the summer.
  5. Asking 799. I told them 500. They said that is what they had in it and couldn't go that low so I walked. Gun is in great condition as far as finish. Considering its 15 years old it looked good. I just couldn't buy without knowing about it. Anyone have any opinion on year 2000 guns? I am only knowledgable about 2008+. Ed your link is for .223/5.56 not .308 Did you find .308 at Cabelas?
  6. Found a .308 Saiga at a local pawn shop. Says 2000 on the side so I'm guessing a year 200 model. It is in very good condition with minimal wear o the rails. Looks like the only mods are tapco furniture. I really can't find the going price for one this old and don't know anything about the early models. Hoping you guys can help me out. Thanks
  7. Can't even load the main page now. Times out. No problems with other sites.
  8. I loaded main page once. Any other link from the main page never loads. Trying to order some parts today.
  9. In a state where FTF long gun transfer are legal, do you guys do bills of sale/trade? Seems to me it is a CYA situation if you are trading with a stranger. I have spoken with some people who disagree and say a handshake is enough.
  10. Finally received my order of 3 AK pmags. Going to try them out in my sgl21. Anyone else been able to test these?
  11. Yes it is a little much for the rifle. Looking for something smaller.
  12. 16" Vepr 7.62x39 6-18x50 rifle scope Will that be too much scope for this thing. Mainly target shooting with store bought ammo. Maybe some coyote hunting and maybe maybe a whitetail in the future. Don't know how I should feel about taking it out to 200 yards.
  13. No tags in Bama. Many guys I work with hunt on their own land here and prep their own kills. Also manage their land very effectively. Several areas of the state do not have cell coverage and many older men do not use the internets. I personally know many "rednecks" who will not comply if this goes into effect. I also wonder if people who are involved in deer accidents o. the roadways will be required to report the occurrence.
  14. Don't want the clippings in the floor at home. Snap. Snap. Click. Snap!
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