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  1. just finished the campaign only took 9h49m on the hardest lvl it is a pretty sweet story love the airport lvl any whole lvl that needs a warning is extra fun
  2. well i live in Pittsburgh and know some cops we have about 300 officers in the city its self and the rest of the officers shown outside of the secret service zone around the convention center are other police from surrounding counties and states. Pittsburgh has temporarily hired most of the swat teams and their equipment from the surrounding tristate area. if you watch the local news you would see most of the equipment is marked with other Pd's names. in side the secret service zone are coast guard and NG troops. the problem with events like this is that they attract unsavory types that try
  3. how whould it be cheaper to pick that big tree up rather than cut it apart. that root ball alone is probably a ton not including the weight of the tree he would need to rent a fairely large crane to pick that up, not to mention that now that there is root damage it could fall more easily in that direction during a storm and would probably not be covered by insurance then.
  4. i personally like my suzuki alot. but jsut so you don't have to worry about buying american, i believe there is a law that car companies have to provide parts for a specified amount of time, and most pontiacs are based off of chevy or builck vehicles. so a pontiac would probably be a good deal about now. either way i payed 21k for my grand vitara xsport including an extended 10yr/100,000mile bumper to bumper warranty. i have 4x4 with a low range and get about 16 mile to a gallon, which is ok for a full time 4x4. i can also give support to the honda element my mom drives one and it is a gr
  5. He's the seller. What does he have to be cautious about? By the way, Fight Club awaits your 'moron' talk. Someone not wanting to deal with him. aka losing money. BTW I don't wanna argue with you I really don't have a problem with you. You should just try and treat other people like fellow humans is all. if transactions take place through the mail and with a postal money order wouldn't mail fraud come into to play as protection for the purchaser. no one really want to mess with the post office mail fraud is no joke! (probably has harsher sentence than murder) if you or h
  6. i can just never figure how they can get any one to believe that some one who smuggles illegal substances for a living is going to buy thier weapons at full price in the us and then either do a ton of work on them to get them full auto or buys very expensive full auto requiring time and paper work. when cuba is a submarine trip east and you could just buy shipments straight from russia or africa. i mean what criminal would buy a semi auto ak in the us for 6-700$ when for the same money he could get 10 full auto's from other sources.
  7. well what i am looking for opinion wise is do any of you think that there will be availability problems with 7.62x39 in the near future that whould make the 223 saiga a more prudent choice in the days to come. meaning i don't want to get stuck buying a gun that in 5 years i will not be able to buy ammo for less than the same price as 308. i fi9gure barring some rediculas taxing that given the war demands 223 ammo is not likely to get much more expensive than it is now. but i could see 7.62 getting more expensive if it get sudden'y difficult to import it.
  8. my real question though is should i go 223 or 7.62 considering i am on a budget?
  9. ok so i am try to get some money together to get a semi saiga in my hands before the ban comes back. and given the current situation i am trying to decide if i should get the 7.62x39 or the 223 saiga. my worry is that there might be bans or restrictions on imprting the russian manufacted rounds and i will not be able to fully stock pile ammo by then. i would think that evenif that happens 223 wolln't drmatically raise in price but putting a whole package together for a converted 223 will be more costly than for a converted 7.62x39 since the mags are more expensive my plan is to over the n
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