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  1. Cool, thanks. My Saiga already has an ACE Folder so I've already got some of the parts. I did a cheap home rivet trigger guard in my original conversion that I want to replace with this AR style grip trigger guard.
  2. I've heard talk about a bolt on Saiga trigger guard that takes AR15 pistol grips, is there such a thing and what company makes it? I'm thinking that I want to revised my old converted year 2000 model Saiga 12 with some updated furniture. Also, can someone tell me what stock adapter this is? Looks like an ACE folding mechanism but I can't identify the other part with the sling attachment.
  3. I saw Saigatechusa's pictures of a beautiful Krinkov style Saiga 12 and it got me thinking that an AK104 style Saiga 12 would be a sweet project for an SBS and it would be a little more useful with more barrel length. Seems that the most challenging part would be trying to get the right look of the front sight base/gas block combo on the AK104 and the correct cone style muzzle device. If anyone has suggestions on how to pull this off, I'd love to form 1 my old 2001 model Saiga and build an AK104 style Saiga 12. I've got some Izhmash 8 round Saiga mags to round out the entire look. Kr
  4. Been playing with other guns the past two years, I got my Saiga 12 in a few 3 gun matches this past year, but that's it. MD Arms Drums and magwells were just starting to get popular when I left things here. What new Saiga products are out there? Last round bolt hold opens? New sights? New forarms and rail systems? Are there more magazine manufactures (Surefire, AGP, who else)? Does anyone make a left side thumb safety kit for Saigas? I almost forgot that I have (2) Izhmash 8 rounders and (2) Izhmash Saiga grips in my collection, I'm guessing the mags are still pretty valuable? I wa
  5. I was in the very back end of the first run of drums (#2436). Does that mean that I will receive a gas plug for free? I only ask because I ordered a gas plug on January 24th after Mike's confusing email. I only have 1 Saiga 12. Thanks for any help in clearing this up.
  6. I bought mine from CDNN for $269. Wish I would have bought 10.
  7. Talk about panties in a bunch. He doesn't want YOUR serial numbers, he wants to know serial number ranges for each variation in the Siaga 12. Just substitute X's for the last few numbers of the serial.
  8. I've got one that I converted to an AK-104 clone, using the Bulgarian front sight base/gas block combo. It won't work with the stock Saiga handguard without mods, stock handguard needs the dowels on the gas block to support the front.
  9. I've got 2 but I wouldn't part with them for the world. I got them from Andrei (Ruseller) and it took him 14 months (yes, over a year) to deliver them for $45 shipped each. They are easily my favorite pistol grips. One is on my Saiga 12 and one is on my Tromix 7.62x39 Saiga Krinkov. ACE Galil grip is my next favorite for Saiga conversions, then maybe a SAW grip.
  10. My clear AGP mags work perfect, love them for mixing slugs, birdshot and buckshot for different 3 gun stages.
  11. Yep, leave off the overhand and I'd buy one. They are fugly as is.
  12. I'm #2436 and I haven't received any word yet. I assume it will be several more weeks and I can wait.
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