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  1. appreciate the info, got the FCG and hammer pulled. The hammer looks like it was beat out of a piece of slag with an icepick, wow, never seen a crappier one
  2. I looked for discussion of this, but so far Ive come up empty handed. Pulled the V12 apart today to put in the G2 and to my surprise the factory FCG is a new animal Ive not seen before. What is the extra piece that is next to the hammer, and do I need it in the G2? no one seems to mention it. thanks
  3. For some reason they are not taking orders from Alabama, when I try to check out it say orders not being taken from this region, anyone else have this problem?
  4. any left out there? need a few, how hard to get psl mags to fit?
  5. odd they would even consider building one without a sling attachment
  6. to each his own, but I buy my aks to shoot, its a factory cosmetic mark, so dont care unless it affects function
  7. I recommend just cutting no farther back on the shroud/sleeve than the length of the threads on your brake/hider. The distance I cut off was about half way on the shroud. You could cut the entire length of the shroud to the tip of the front sight block but you might run into some fitting problems since the 7.62 Saiga rifles have a longer distance from the muzzle tip to the front sight block than most AK variants. In that case, some flash hiders will be seated to far back and the muzzle will extend under the hiders ports. Or some brakes might not screw all the way down and become blocked by
  8. thought it was odd as well, using a G2 tapco, anyone else have this trouble?
  9. I just cut one off last week, mine had 5 spot welds, I used a cutting tool on a dremel and carefully ground down the spot welds to match the contour of the fsb and shroud, when it didnt come loose I worked my way in to the shroud until it did. pulled it off, ground down the remaining bits and was good to go, shot it last weekend and couldnt be happier.
  10. that about sums it, I also couldnt use my safety lever as it was too short, had to use a Bul 74.
  11. Wow....PM me that one please ditto sounds like a good deal
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