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  1. My real name is todd. my good friend dave can't pronounce todd after a few drinks. when he tried to say todd it always came out as toad so it stuck. i have had that name for years, i can't remember the last time someone called me todd.
  2. yeah a stryker-12 price wasn't toooooooo bad, i've put a few hundred rounds through it already, no slugs yet. i have to find a pad for the stock.
  3. been working on the paperwork for almost 6 months
  4. here is a better picture with the stock down.
  5. Hey guys! its been awhile since i was on here. work work work, you know how it goes. i've been out of state working and came across this little beauty, price wasn't bad so i had to have i holds 11 rounds and man what a kick and loud as hell. very, very fun!! Its a styker 12
  6. ha ha ha i ordered my stock today, so i can't say anything else about you guys sucking!! thanks indy, lol
  7. Hmmmmm!!! as i recall, awhile back i took a beating on owning a hi-point pistol. i mentioned that i had the carbine and still i took some abuse about that also, thow a new stock on it and bingo!!! everybody wants one!! you guys suck!!
  8. The small mom and pop shop i deal with most of the time went out of business a year ago. even though i did pay more you couldn't beat the service. I didn't mind that you could always go to the shop and sit around and have coffe(free by the way) and listen to the old men bullshit eachother. when you walked into the shop everyone in the shop said hello and the owner always called you by name. just another example of how things used to be. what are you gonna do?
  9. I have to rant a little bit here!! I went to gander mountain today to buy new shotgun and a pistol they had ordered for me. I get there only to realize that they are having a big gun cleareance sale today only. I wait in line for 1/2 hour then remember that i left my ordering info in the car, so i go back out and get it then get back into line for another1/2 hour. I get to the counter give the guy my info and tell him i want a new nova shotgun to go with my order. I had already filled out the paper work for the pistol when i put 1/2 down for the order so im thinking that there will be no problem getting my stuff. I could not have been more wrong!! I ordered the pistol a 8 weeks ago, which pissed me off that it took so long but i thought no big deal, i will let it go and not bitch too much about it.It was worth the wait. anyway, now i have a pistol and a shotgun and i filled out the paperwork and give the guy my DL. while he is checking my P.W. there were about 40 people waiting in line and another 20 looking at the gun racks. the guy doing my paperwork looks up and says i can't sell you these guns because your DL address is differant than the one i put on the paper.I can't believe it!! now everybody in the gun room is looking at me and i don't know what to say!! I explain to the guy that i have already passed the paperwork the first time and i just want my shit. i have already put money down on it and i have waited 8 weeks and i have never had any trouble like this before. I have bought guns before when my address didn't match and there was never any trouble at all. plus they already did the paperwork and there wasn't a problem before. the guys says tough im not selling you these guns and move on the next person in line totally dismissing me! well fuck him!!! i start screaming for the manager and all this shit while the guys behind me are backing up away from me. the older guys behind me are like thats bullshit give him his guns he paid for it and are backing me up. the manger gets there and i explain my problem and he listens to me rant for 10 minutes then tells me that the laws have changed the paperwork has changed and the addresses have to match and whoever took my info last time did it wrong and i can't get my money back. the people standing in line here this and they start bitching to the manager about how im being treated. It's not my fault the employee did it wrong or whatever, at this point i just want my money back and i will go someplace else. so the manager seeing all of these people bitching and moaning and some leaving says to me that he will give me a COUPON to the store for the amount i had put down on the gun. I'm screaming no i want my money, i want my money, i want my money!!! after 15 minutes of yelling and screaming i get my money back and i am told to never come to this store again!! when i left almost 40 people came behind me saying that they would not buy from there again if this is how you treat your customers. I got my money back just because the manager wanted me to be quiet and go way and because of all the people in the room who were going to buy agreed with me. if i didn't make a scene i would have gotton screwed. All of the guns i have bought over the years have been all over the state of ohio, and i used to move alot so my addresses have changed alot, and i have never had any trouble with that before. just needed to get that off my chest!!! now i have to order my pistol again from somewhere else and go through this again!!!
  10. I would rather feel like shit than be full of shit!!!! crazy? you wouldn't know what crazy was if charles manson was eating fruit loops on your front porch!! another suicidal fan!!!!!!!!!! As a metal head from way back another good band is fu manchu. slayer is hell's houseband!!!! living in cleveland i get to go to alot of shows, the odion here in town has alot of metal shows that feature bands who are on the verge of making it big or have made it big and want to get back to their roots. The last band i saw down there was brutal a mix of slayer and morbid angel. my ears hurt for a week and man was it worth it!!! the band was called viking. you get a chane pick up some of their stuff, halls of vallaha is classic metal.
  11. i take my hi-pint out on the 4-wheeler, dirtbike, tractor. if it gets dirty muddy or wet no big deal!! when i go mudding in my truck i take it, thats what i bought it for.. a cheap gun to use and abuse. I listen to you guys bitch about it and think damn!!! i can't count 5 times in the 6 years i have owned my 45 that i have had trouble with it. and yes im over 25 and no it wasn't my first or fifth handgun i have owned but it is the cheapest. and yes i would trust it to save me( i would rather have my moss 590) but i would give no thought to using it if i had to in a life or death situation. as far a dissasssembly i can do it now in just a few minutes. yes it is somewhat of a pain but thats part of the game. this is my last thought on this. it is funny though listening to you guys rant and rave!!
  12. Thank you coastie!! To be honest i don't care what other people think or say if im happy thats all that matters, lol
  13. Dude i got the same tommy last sunday. i ordered it 2 weeks ago and it came in on sat. afternoon. so i went sunday and picked it up. the only diff. is i paid 875.00 and i got both cases and 1 stick and 1-10rnd drum. putting the drum in takes some practice and i always seem to drop it when i hit the release. i have mine in the corner on a chello stand. one badass looking firearm!!! i didn't know how heavy they were either!! got tired after 30 rounds, lol
  14. man, im taking a beating on this hi-point thing! alot of people don't like them and i take a lot of crap from my buddies when we go out shooting.maybe i got a good one i don't know but i havn't had any trouble with mine. My buddy got the 9 and it jammed all the time and was a big piece of shit. which he bitched at me for recommending he buy one. it's really the only "cheap gun" i own and i use and abuse it that way. LOL i do like the carbine its a fun little plinker.
  15. I kept a 30 round fully loaded in my cab. for a long time and when i finally got out to go shooting i noticed that it was "loose" when i loaded it again. i had some trouble getting the mag to work. i had to replace the spring. i keep 5 shots in my 380 and i had to replace that spring after about a year it went "limp"!! i no longer keep and clips loaded, i switched over to my wheel gun for home defense now. just thought i would throw my opion in there.
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