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  1. stix213

    Shouldn't the pistol grip nut be metal?

    What happened to these Arsenal rifles being made to mil spec? hmmm
  2. stix213

    Cali Cop legal?

    This thread is a bit old, but I notice is has some incorrect information in it. LEO's can buy a Saiga-12 in fixed magazine configuration and run 20 round drum mags on it without any department letterhead crap. California's AW ban limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds for fixed magazine semi-auto pistols and fixed magazine centerfire semi-auto rifles ONLY. Fixed magazine shotguns have no magazine size limit. (CA PC 12276.1) http://law.onecle.com/california/penal/12276.1.html There is a separate import/sale/manufacture ban on 11+ round magazines in place, but that exempts LEO's (CA PC 12020). Also the CGF is in the process of working around this ban for the rest of us as we speak. We're probably about 4 months away or so from everyone being able to buy adult sized magazines again here (CGF is the people who got AK's and AR's legal again in CA in the first place, so this isn't a joke).
  3. stix213

    POLL: Brass v Steel case

    I shoot only steel. In fact I not only shoot only steel cased out of my saiga, I only shoot steel cased out of my Mosin, my two Glock 9mm's (well practice ammo at least), and even my custom AR-15 has never even shot anything but steel cased
  4. stix213

    Saiga 12 Cylcing

    I think a good first step if you are having cycling issues is to figure out how many gas port holes you have. For example, I just got my Saiga 12 a few weeks back and tested it last week. On setting 1 shooting 00 buck I was getting a FTE every 4th round and the ones that would cycle only flew about a foot or two out, and Fed value pack bird shot on setting 2 was FTE almost every trigger pull. I took a look at the gas ports and they weren't even close to center, only two were barely visible and were right at the edge of the gas block hole. I assumed I had additional gas ports covered under the gas block, so I just took the gas block off an hour ago to check it out. Unfortunately it turns out I have one of those annoying 2 port barrels that are notorious for cycling problems. Gun was already pre-converted here in Cali before I purchased it, so warranty is probably not an option from Cadiz (damn I knew I should have waited for a sporter version, I had so much fun converting my 7.62x39 but this was their last S12 in stock!) The silver lining is I always wanted an excuse to buy a drill press
  5. stix213

    Is Saiga Being Sued

    Saiga is the name of a product not a company, and you can't sue a product obviously. That's like saying someone is sueing "iPod", "42 inch Plasma TV", or "Fillet O' Fish meal large size with a Coke" which equally make no sense. Now if the guy knew enough to tell you either Izhmash or Russian American Armory was being sued, then you might not want to roll your eyes just yet because at least the guy would know the name of the companies involved. Otherwise just go ahead and roll your eyes at ignorance when you see it.
  6. S-12's in California just have to have 18" barrels, 26" OAL (not 30" as stated above), a magazine lock, and you can have your choice of a pistol grip or folding/telescoping stock but not both. You can also go stockless if you still meet the length requirements. See CGF shotgun assault weapon flow chart for exact laws and details to determine if any shotgun is an AW in CA. http://www.calguns.net/caawid/sgflowchart.pdf Here is the flowchart for centerfire semi-auto rifles also: http://www.calguns.net/caawid/flowchart.pdf On a side note, there is lots of legal action on the part of the CalGuns Foundation waiting for the McDonald vs Chicago decision to incorporate the 2A to the states. Conventional wisdom of people in the know out here is CA AW laws will be stuck down as unconstitutional within a year of the McDonald win we are more than likely going to see next week. So don't move yet! We are about to take this state back
  7. stix213

    Buying a Saiga in CA

    FYI, Bullseye in San Rafael is only out of stock right now cause I bought their last one on Saturday Will have it next week!
  8. stix213

    What did your Saiga 12 replace?

    My Saiga 7.62x39 that I just recently converted was my first gun, but the S12 I just ordered today is going to mean my Mossberg 500 is going to be used a little less often for sure. I can't hate on the Mossberg 500 combo 12ga though, its a great and reliable gun for the $280 Big 5 gives them away for. But my new S12 is going to be too much fun to go pump again for a while I'm sure
  9. stix213

    Buying a Saiga in CA

    Saiga rifles/shotguns are available throughout California. Just have to comply with silly AW laws. For example, the S12 needs to have a bullet button device or otherwise disable the mag release so it requires some tool to drop the mag for reloads. You also can't have a pistol grip AND a folding/collapsible stock on a semi-auto shotgun though you can have either one separately. 10 round limit on new mag purchases also. So basically conversions are fine for the S12, just have to go fixed stock and 10 round fixed mag. Last thing is you cannot own the older Kalashnikov USA imported Saiga, cause that is a listed AW regardless of features. All other importers are fine.
  10. stix213

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Oh exactly. Someone needs to make some silent and "indoor safe" rounds so you can mess around with your guns in the house!!! (just kidding of course) Shot the thing over the weekend and it was SWEET!!!
  11. stix213

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    So I got home late last night about 11:00pm after being stuck in ridiculous traffic for over 3 hours, and there was all my pistol grip conversion parts sitting in a box at my door... so I just said "F it" and as of 5:30am when I finished, here is what my rifle now looks like. Turned out pretty damn sweet if you ask me I'm getting an Eotech 553 for it next week (already destroyed 3 inexpensive red dots, so this time I'm doing it right) and I'm deciding whether to put that Tromix Shark Brake on it, but I'll see how I like how it shoots first like it is before I decide.
  12. stix213

    Too tactical for a Saiga?

    I like it The tacti-cool look is fun, and you can always get another Saiga that you go all wood or whatever. I have a flashlight and a laser sight on mine, with buttons for each on the forward vertical grip, and had to use the flashlight once on a moonless night when my brother and I got a little lost in the woods coming back from shooting and our regular flashlight died I actually have about 3,000 rounds through mine, running flawless of course (fired every single time without a jam without exception), and am sitting here watching conversion videos on youtube seeing if I have the balls to do the pistol grip conversion to mine. I'm just worried about messing up a good thing.
  13. stix213

    Mexican Drug Cartels

    Nothing will happen until it affects Pelosi's district. Right now all she cares about is getting those shooting victims free healthcare. Next will probably be stopping the flow of all those select fire assault rifles, RPG's, and hand grenades I always see pictured in those large busts they do for the press... from coming from those evil El Paso gun shops that are apparently supplying the entire war down there single handedly. Basically I wouldn't count on anything being done, unless it involves taking away more gun rights of Americans or taking control of another part of the private sector.
  14. stix213


    What about Hollow Points with a Saiga? Anyone have trouble with them hanging up? Hollow points in your Saiga are no good... if you already ordered them just ship them to me and I will sacrifice my Saiga in an effort to dispose of them for you Seriously though, I am pretty sure there is no 7.62x39 ammo in existence that the Saiga won't shoot just fine. My personal favorite are the Silver Bear HP's, cause oranges seem to vaporize on impact
  15. stix213

    New owner of 7.62 Saiga

    Saiga has 14 parts counted for 922r. Using US made mags counts as 3, and the fore grip counts as 1, so that brings you to the legal maximum 10 foreign parts.