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  1. I am wanting to replace both springs on the recoil assembly. I have found 2007 articles on using 17 to 22 lb 1911 springs and have used some of them myself over the years. I don't remember the lb strength. Are both of these springs the same strength or are they different? I see CSS has the Tromix spring for $7.99 can I order 2 and just replace both I have and continue shooting? I have 3 years of shooting on the current spring and have never replaced the rear spring since 07. any input will be appreciated. when I go out shooting i mix all sorts of loads and lengths of ammo so do not want a
  2. I am looking at lights/lanterns for my building were i shoot. I was looking into the hand crank type of lanterns or flashlights. I do not want anything that has to have a power source ie batteries or fuel or mantels, too much upkeep. I use this place for my shooting and when I get out there usually before dawn or stay after dark I would like some lights. Does anyone have the crank type of lantern? Is there enough light for basic illumination for a 24x36 shed? I stopped by a gander mtn today and looked at their lights and did not see anything of this type...have yet to hit wally world or K ma
  3. I see these all the time in the shops around here for $8.95....but don't think that it goes to support anything but someones pockets.
  5. any interest in anything listed above I would do free shipping.. let me know
  6. The AK pouch's would be $20 for the 5 Shipping.....I would do $7 for the 2 sets rather than $12
  7. Mondial starter pistol, 6 shot... Model 1900...cal 6mm...Made in Italy Box in excellent shape. Instuction papers, cleaning brush and 6 shot insert also has the wax paper sheet too! no chips no cracks in the grip..overall very good condition. shoots fine. I will have to send UPS $100 plus shipping will be sent out UPS will get your ZIP and figure out postage. 3 unc Canadian silver Half dollars 1964,65,and 66 all 3 bright shinny unc cond $25 for the 3 6 unc Canadian silver Dollars...2 1953 1 is a no strap..3 1965...1 1966 one of the 1965 is dull but all the rest are bright and
  8. Saiga 7.62x39 mag surefire 30 round used but good cond $20 2 compartment round oil bottles 4 for $10 2 compartment square oil bottles 3 for $10 several sets of each avail AK mag rebuild kits can be used on 20, 30 or 40 round mags.... 5 sets avail.... included spring, follower and floor plate $ 5 each set SOLD PSL mag rebuild kit 2 sets sold together 2 of each.. spring. follower, base plate and retainer 4 pcs total each set. NO RUST ON ANY PART $25 for both sets SOLD USPS MO OR PAYPAL PLUS FEES $5 S&H priority box USPS shipping
  9. First pic...#1 Saiga gas tubes take offs excellent cond $10 each bothSPF #2 AK gas piston take off $8.00 #4 PG screw these are the big Heavy duty ones but standard threads 2 for $5 2 sets spf several left #5 Made in USA muzzle break 14 X 1 LH THREAD AND DEEP THREADED $20 #6 S 12 bolt head... Last one Doug Ford had several years ago... has some pitting on rim of head but functions perfectly in my S-12.includes FP and all springs and pins $70 #7 AK upper hand guard and retainer $10 #8 Taurus lock key $5 #9 AK thread protectors 14x1 LH 1 new 1 used not welded $10 pr #10 Saiga x39 bolt hea
  10. #1 AK gas tube take off from Saiga rifles $10 eachspf #2 AK gas piston take off $8.00 #4 AK grip screw these are the larger HD ones 2 for$5 several sets avail2 sets spf some still avail #5 Made in USA muzzle break 14x1LH deep thread new cond $25 #6 S12 bolt head FP and all springs and pins some pitting on rim functions fine in my S12...last one from Doug Ford several years back $70 #7 AK upper HG and retainer $8 #8 taurus lock key $5 2 avail #9 AK 14x1 thread proctector 1 new 1 used no weld $10 for both #10 Saiga bolt reapir kit X39 al lnew parts and 2 extractors $20 a set several
  11. Is Buffalo rock in Ottawa open yet? They did have a pit for blasting
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