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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see what the evening will bring. Everyone needs to stay safe whether first responders or not. I don't think the trouble making kind care anymore
  2. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing everyone a very safe New Year
  3. Nice job. I did find myself laughing towards the end when you held up the grip. The Umbrella Corporation is REAL!!!! I knew it, bring on the zombies.
  4. Thoughts and prayers to you and his family in your time of sorrow.
  5. Just called today about the 12" SBS that I'm waiting on and was advised that they are currently averaging 9 months from the Pending date. That will put the whole process from start to finish right at 11 months, if they approve when they said they will. They cashed my check in March 2013 and paperwork not expected back until February 2014. Fricken ridiculous!!! They damn sure didn't waste any time cashing my check though.
  6. Thanks for all of the wishes folks. It has been a wild one to say the least. Here is to seeing everyone back here safe next year.
  7. I'm the lead instructor for my agency (400 men/women) with certifications in Basic firearms, M16/M4, MP-5, Less Lethal, Chemical Munitions and Shotgun, so I teach several times a week to all skill levels. Prior to my law enforcement career, I obtained my NRA instructor certification. Regardless of how you feel about them and their political side, they do have a great firearms instructor program in place that is recognized in nearly every state. I would recommend starting there if you are interested in teaching/learning. Just remember to care for your students and the topics discussed. If n
  8. Big congrats to you both. Very rare in this day and age
  9. If this story is evening remotely true, then you forgot one of the most sacred things for anyone employed in the LEO capacity (or at least it should be).....VIOLATION OF OATH OF OFFICE. I pray that this is a BS story, but if it is not, then I hope that they are charged Federally under Federal Code 18 USC 241/242.
  10. My wife. Definitely a weapon used for psychological warfare! Everything else pales in comparison.
  11. Thanks to all for the kind words and prayers, it has helped. One of the hardest parts about this evening was trying to tell my 3 year old where his buddy went. Thankfully, he goes to a Christian Pre-School, so they have already started teaching him about Heaven and God. It was a relief that he understood, because I was completely dreading trying to make him understand. I guess that I should start paying more attention to what he is learning in school. Again, Thank you to everyone for the support.
  12. Well, today is officially in the top five for the worst days in my life. My former partner, long since retired from service, had to be put down today. We have been fighting some major arthritis issues with him for a few years now, but his heart stayed strong. Everyday he would go out to my patrol car and try to get in, knowing that he could not. Every time I got called for a late night Swat callout, he would race me to the door. When my son was so sick and required us to be near him at all times, he never left my son's side and would wake us up if we fell asleep from exhaustion. Our vet told u
  13. No, it is very effective on SOME dogs. Just like it is very effective on SOME people. I've had several cases where OC had no effect on the dog or the human. Same thing with the Taser. I've watched people just stand there, smile and pull the probes out of their chest. They are both just tools and not every tool works every time. Not trying to be a jerk, just stating my experience with the stuff. And for those that are interested, here is the rest of the story from the video. The only TRUE VICTIM in all of this is the dog. Associated Press HAWTHORNE, Calif. — A Southern California police of
  14. GeorgiaPD

    Stolen S12

    He would have two legal choices: 1. Give the insurance company their money back 2. Turn the gun over to the insurance company. The flip side is that he could keep the returned gun, but face the chances of being charged with insurance fraud if they ever found out about it and had a hard on for gun owners. Clange, Sorry to hear about the intrusion into your personal space by some dirtbag. Getting a good safe is obviously the best choice, but anything is better than nothing as you now know. Just be mindful about alarm systems. Most real criminals know that once the alarm goes off, they
  15. Precision rifles are no different than race cars and boats. They all cost cubic dollars to keep them running, and lots of them. I own several long range guns and have shot long range competitions for years. If I had the money back that I've spent on all of these things, I could send my kid to college. You are on the right track with doing your research, but I have a suggestion. Borrow your friends rifle and take the class that you have scheduled for this summer. If you take the class and still feel like shooting long range, then move forward with your build. Or, buy something a little cheaper
  16. As the parent of a special needs child, I say "Thanks for all that you do!"
  17. Ok, the wait is killing me. Why does it take so long for the paperwork to come back!!!! Looking forward to putting this thing to work Mike. Thanks again!
  18. I'm interested. I already have a complete upper and all of the receiver parts laying in a box ready to install. Send me a PM and maybe we can work something out. Thanks
  19. I normally refrain from posting profanities on this forum and try to remain as professional as possible on this forum, BUT this time you got me. The author is full of shit if he thinks that there will be much of any support for such a thing. Some big cities maybe, but it will never happen in rural areas and I would quit the profession that I love before enforcing some bullshit like this...
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