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    30 rnd mags

    DAMN, those went fast
  2. southern45

    30 rnd mags

    Gundealer.com still has some of those EVIL hi cap mags for sale at a decent price https://www.gundealeronline.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MGTINMAG0631BLK
  3. southern45

    Ram S12XC compared to JTE mag release?

    Now THAT is customer service and why I shop with CSS
  4. Sorry Dave, strike two. I traded it to a local shooter already.
  5. southern45

    +1 to Southern45

    Thanks AZG. left you feedback in the feedback thread. A+ for AZG good deal, fast shippin', good communication
  6. southern45


    A+ for AZG good deal, fast shippin', good communication
  7. I'm out. Too much dickin' around....Ya'll enjoy!
  8. I'll take option one if you'll throw in the original muzzle nut Message sent Replied to
  9. southern45

    Where to DOT?

    I set mine to hit dead on with slugs at 50 yards. Seems to work well with shot and my slugs are close enough to hit easily at 100 yards. Doug Thanks, does that allow you to hold the dot on the center of plates within 10-15 yards
  10. Hello, I need some advice from you 3 gunners. I'm planning on putting a red dot on my S12 to play the game and would like to know where you guys dial it in. Do you set for 15 yard buck on plates and hold over for long slugs or do you set it for 100yd slugs on paper and hold down for plates or what? Any advice would be appreciated