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  1. Hello all, I am wondering if armchair tactical is still in business? I bought a vest from him in April, and love it! I would like to buy a shoulder bag from him now.
  2. Sidewinder-all I didn't read the report, but recognize the type of material, saw it 10 years ago here. LIke any other political group, they use anything they can to stimulate growth in there organization. One such group has changed there agenda over the years from scaring former slaves from voting to hunting communists, etc. Doesn't matter what they call themselves, some people just like to hate!
  3. WIsh I could take credit for keeping you safe, but you are not in my part of the world! After a long day of dealing with bs-most of it coming from co-workers, I come home to my loving wife who assures me i am making a difference. She also says I will make even more of a difference when she is the Sheriff's wife. I think she means me! An old saying be careful whose toes you step on today, because they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow! Some guys I know better start learning to pucker!!!
  4. Profiling... BAH. It's just called common sense where I come from. But that politically correct non-sense has been going on for I forget how many years now. We could probably discuss "profiling" for hours but all of this non-sense is the same at the core. Thankfully we do still have good LEO and Politicians (maybe a few?) that do have common sense and a good head on their shoulders. But it seems like we have more and more who just don't have a clue. Or aren't even capable of having one to begin with. Was walking through Costco over the weekend wondering what corner the Law School would be in eventually, figured it was the walled off portion behind the STOP sign in an odd part of the store. And where they were going to put the Roller Coaster. Feels more and more like the movie Idiocracy every day. Dumb people breeding like rabbits for decades now. Wotan, Thank you for the support! Yes the good ones are out here! We just fly under the radar, or I mean the tv camera. I do this job because I want to make a choice and defend the rights of individuals as well as myself. I have to agree, there are many who don't have a clue. My state lost it when they went to a four year degree requirement. Common sense which is in tune with survival in my opinion went out the window! Most of the people we come in contact with are of lower graces in society and do not care what kind of paper hangs on our wall, they want us to have some understanding of where they are at. I see more and more new recruits who could tell you the square root of a million, but couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. Oh well, only 20 more years to serve and I am gone! Keep your heads down and your powder dry! Copperhead
  5. Ok, second attempt at this post, was almost done and lost in cyber somewhere! First of I am a proud American!!! I love guns and the right to own them!!! Secondly I am a law enforcement officer and have been for nearly 14 years. The fact that you display your faith or firearm logo does not automatically make you a criminal in a police officers eyes. Police are human, they stereoype, although they are not suppossed to. We call this profiling in the profession. A good police officer has an idea of what they are dealing with before they even come to talk with you at the window. Gathering as much information as possible allows them to return to their family at the end of the shift. Sometimes they are wrong, but extra insurance is always good. Indicators such as a plate with the name "Sherry" and a male driver may indicate stolen vehicle. Rental car, air freshner and group of individuals returning from Texas may mean drugs, firearm stickers say possible weapon in vehicle. I am a little young born in '74 but I have spoken with Vietnam veterans who have spoke of tin cans on the perimeter to give an extra second to ready for battle. The good police officer uses signs they observe to give them the upper hand hopefully. I will admit there are a few bad seeds out there, they are in every profession. The "bad cop" gets all the publicity. When is the last time you heard of a police officer changing a tire along the interstate, or giving a stuffed animal to a child after an accident? The Missouri thing. I have a little first hand knowledge of this, as we have a small local "militia" group in our county. Most are older members now, and do alot of paper work instead of physical confrontation. Most drive without a license, or don't carry insurance. Not a major crime, but still against the law. We wouldn't be doing taxpayers justice if we didn't enforce them. By the way these guys do not pay taxes, use public roads and post offices-they cloak themselves in the Stars and Stipes for their own personal gain. Missouri, particularly the Ozarks area, have been a breeding ground for these groups. We had some felony warrants on our local members who were being harbored by groups in this area. Glancing over the information posted tells me it is an intelligence report for the State of MO. This information would be used for new officers or others who have not had contact with these individuals. Its purpose? To allow a loved one to come home at night, instead of being a story on the nightly news. One last thought. Most police officers own more than one gun! I know I love them. If the day ever comes when my job is to collect firearms from good citizens, I will turn in my badge! Copperhead
  6. Copperhead

    New arrival !

    Hello Brother, Glad to know i am no longer the "fresh fish"! Welcome! Copperhead
  7. Copperhead

    Surefire 2rd Saiga 12 magazines in stock

    I was glad to see these. I will have one when I do purchase my Saiga-saving at the moment. Illinois law, yes I am from obama land, will only allow 3 rounds in a shotgun for hunting. I can't wait to see how the Saiga works on deer! Copperhead
  8. Copperhead

    Big changes at MD Arms!!!

    Nice to hear another American business will be making American made products! I have always wanted one of those ppsh weapons would be cool to own one reasonably! Copperhead