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  1. Had one,loved it,took some time to get used to it but once I did I loved it.Excellent for Turkey hunting. Dave
  2. Guys, I aint being rude,I been busy.Please freaking forgive me!!! Dave
  3. Sorry Guys, I have been a little busy.Idiots have trashed our trailers down south,I have been branded as the reaper by my family and am trying to figure the best way to fix these xxxxers without going to jail again.I recieved an e-mail by a member of this forum offering my asking price and am just waiting for the money which should be here tomorrow.Sorry to all that have e-mailed and got no response from me.I will let you know as far as it being sold or not tomorrow.Also does anybody have any game cameras up for sale? Dave
  4. hoofster


    Yes it can be done,but get the polychoke first,dont use a mossberg one.Was quotet a price of 60 bucks to have my 19 inch rethreaded.I didnt do it cause all I really wanted done was to have an extra full turkey choke made for it.I had a modified choke pressure rolled down to extra full and that did the job. Dave
  5. Fellow Saigsters, I will be bow hunting in southern Ohio until wednsday.Will answer all e-mails and posts then. Thanks Dave
  6. Somebody atleast make me a descent offer PLEASE Dave
  7. Still to pricey for me.Anybody have any other suppliers? Dave
  8. The gun comes with 1mag,plus a mag block for 2 shot hunting laws,2 other chokes,and the good tantal scope mount.Buyer pays actual shipping.I will also throw in a hard case. Dave
  9. I would like to get 350 or revolver of equal value. Dave
  10. Here is a pic of saiga 12 I have for sale or trade Dave
  11. Want to trade my saiga 12,19 inch with 3 chokes,cdnn clamp on scope mount,black jack recoil buffer.Will entertain all offers. Dave
  12. Aks 74, Is this the regular 19 inch with screw on chokes that you are looking for? Dave
  13. hoofster


    hartzpad, thank you Dave
  14. hoofster


    Lets remember, We are in a country in which we are all allowed to speak what is on our mind.Some of us may agree or disagree with what is said here.If you dont like his oppinions or observations just scroll on past it.Some people do like to start crap,but even those people may have good oppinions on other thoughts.If it gets out of hand Im pretty sure makc will step in and handle the situation.This is just my thoughts and oppinions on this particular problem.Dont let it get to you. Dave
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