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  1. Anyone seen these magazine pouches for the Saiga 12? I just ordered two of them. Looks like it might be a great way to carry loaded mags.
  2. First time I've seen them. How about Tigging a few to top covers and selling them ready to go for us weld'emup challenged?
  3. You need to spend some quality time with a chronograph. It doesn't work out that way in real life.
  4. I guess I'll throw in my 2 cents, 1st, dremel the rear sight. I wish I had the time back I spent trying to pound it out. 2 minutes tops with a new cutoff wheel. If you have a small triangular file, use it to put a small lead in on the dovetail notch on the barrel. Makes it easier to get the Krebs rear started. 2nd, center the Krebs sight. You can make your windage adjustments much easier by loosening the two cap screws on the front sight base and moving it. Use a pencil to make a mark on the FSB and a matching one on the barrel. It will give you a reference point to go back to. Make y
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