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  1. What size screw is used for the magwell? I just realized that 3 of my 4 have fallen out and gotten lost. Now I know what was making my SG not work.
  2. Thanks, I'll try several. I also noticed that when I had it apart the rod that goes in the gas tube(I guess that is what it is) has a bolt that screws in and out. Should that bolt be screwed in or most of the way out?
  3. I'm starting to have some failures to go back into battery issues with my gun. Any ideas what to work on? I have cleaned it, use good ammo, lubed it, etc. Could the recoil spring need changing? I have heard of people using a 1911 recoil spring there, any idea of what weight? Thanks.
  4. How do you try to get a slot for this? It looks like it would be fun.
  5. I had the chance to shoot an 8" Tromix last weekend and it was amazing. The recoil was not much worse than a full length S12 and I was knocking down steel poppers at 10 to 15 yards with no problem. Now I think I need one of my own.
  6. Cool, due to the weather my first slug testing will be at the match in the morning. We normally don't need slugs around here, but they threw 4 in for the match this weekend. I think what I have should work. I'll get in testing mode after this weekend. One other thing, what choke do you normally use? I think I have the IM installed and it was great on the poppers(it drove them down at 20 yards) I had trouble with close clays unless I was dead on the clay. My shot looked like it was staying tight for a long distance. I wonder if I can get the charging handle moved over to the left side af
  7. Which truball were you using? The reduced reduced recoil or regular?
  8. Cool, I had thought about the bulk paks, but they seem to have a pretty kick to them even with the comp. I have a case of the F2 on the way now. I'll see how they compare. I used some Rem Nitro 1 ounce loads at last weekends 2 gun match and they seemed to do great, too bad they were the only 3 boxes the store had.
  9. What is the best ammo(birdshot and slugs) for this set-up?
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