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  1. I really can't believe this is a subject that even needs to be argued... seriously?
  2. aside from my momentary math glitch, lets keep going with the math three lugs at 16,000 pounds = ~ 5,300 pounds per lug. two lugs at 16,000 = ~8,000 pounds per lug, an increase of 150% of force per lug. you just exceeded the 125% "proof round" safety factor by about 25% you can quit now...
  3. eight tons of force, being held back by three little lugs, and you want to go cutting out a third of the strength? what could possibly go wrong. The point here, gentlemen... is that you should not go cutting off your bolt lugs...
  4. You're right, my bad, 16,000 pound of force, not pounds per square inch. That's 16,000 pounds pushing on the bolt carrier, sending it at your eye.
  5. eldest son I hate using wikipedia, but here you go, other sources are available. So don't roll your eyes at ME, son. you will only EmBareAss yourself.
  6. no, the US army changed to a ball powder that didn't burn right and left residue that clogged up the M16 action, nice try though. When they went back to the original powder the problem was solved.
  7. high five on your gun not blowing up (yet). How many rounds did the russians put through their test guns that made them decide lug #3 was a good idea. Hint: it's not the number of lugs that matters, it's the strength of the lugs x number of lugs that matters. So, do you intend to ever sell this gun? are you going to pass it on to your kids? what if they sell it? You'll be long dead, so I guess you don't care if someone 50 years from now dies while shooting that gun. Thank you for posting pics so that we may learn from your shocking mistake, and so we can all keep an "eye out" for
  8. that's a neat video of the ground, I must admit, in the face of such clear evidence I am forced to concede the point.
  9. During Vietnam, the USA special forces had a program where they planted overpressure 7.62x39 ammo in magazines and ammo boxes, just one round in a case, or in the middle of a mag, and when the round went off, it sheared off the trunion/bolt lugs, and the carrier went through the right eye of the NVA soldier. facts, how do they work?
  10. how many rounds downrange? 100? 500? what happens when it gets to 5000 rounds? ever hear of metal fatigue? You won't own that gun forever, some day you will die and some innocent person will be putting round #000 downrange, ormaby they get some bad ammo with over preasure issues like that indian 308 from a few years back....Please don't ever sell that gun. and before you die, please destroy the bolt and throw it away, before some innocent person dies.
  11. If that part fails, it doesn't blow your hand up, it sends the bolt carrier through your right eye and into your brain and you die. However cutting off that lug will make your rifle cycle 15% faster, which is deffinitely worth the risk. OR better yet, mod it and sell it at a gun show without telling anyone what you did. Seriously guys? talk about some bubba smithing...WECSOG is one thing, but this is redickalass I'll be sure to only buy factory new saigas from here on out, or visibly inspecting the internals before pulling the lever. No telling what you might run into t
  12. Well, looks like you seem to have a pretty good grasp on the situation, answered your own question with a question, gratz. Do you know what kind of materials each of those various countries used to construct their rifles? Not just the bolt but the trunion also? And how that type of metal was annealed and tempered? No? Ok, then any further speculation is useless. Keep in mind that quite a few British Enfields were modified to chamber 7.62 nato, which will also chamber 308 which has been shown to be beyond the safe limits of (not the design but) the material from which the rifles
  13. p.s. it doesn't even recoil, with that 4 slot krink brake, it just vibrates slightly, accompanied by a thunderous BOOM!!!!!!... YEAH!!!!! and from the original pic, sinc ethey both visited the same guy...
  14. I took the measurement for the gas port from the 16 barrel that I took off. I see it was way to big. I'll be needing a new barrel anyways though, the smithy I had trim down the barrel did NOT do it to my specs, as he removed the face of the breach, lik eI told him NOT to. I went with it anyways, but it lets the extractor slam the barrel on an empty chamber.... and aside from the ding building up on the breach face, the extractor will be getting weakened and eventually break, I am sure... so next time I'll be buying a lathe and doing it myself. I thought I could get away with the way he did it,
  15. looks awsome, I'll be ordering a few of these soon.
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