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  1. Very cool! I'd buy one or three!!! Nice job.
  2. Thanks Moe. Sorry, I was being lazy and just threw it up there for a friend. I enjoyed the sarcasm though! I deserved it.
  3. What is the shortest length you can go before you have to move the gas block?
  4. Cobra has pics. Check out his area in this forum, or I 'm sure he'll point you in the right direction soon.
  5. I got mine in the mail today, just like to say that this is a very nice addition to my Saiga! Great workmanship, a very high quality product and It just look sweet! Thanks Tromix! Also, like nailbomb said, as ALWAYS like clock work, never fails Greg at CCS and his shipping are the best I have ever seen. I ordered it Thursday night, and there it was in my mailbox this morning and I'm in Reno, Nevada! For 9$ shipping you can't beat it.
  6. I've got one and it's wobbly too. I called and talked to Greg at CSS and he said that is the way they are and that there other cheaper folding mechs are alot tighter. I also had a little buyers remorse just cause that little piece is spendy and could of got the less expensive model that apparently locks up better in the folded position as well as extended. As far as the push button folding mech, in the extended position mine locks up snug because there is a little set screw that you can adjust to have stick out to make up for the slack. I would also be interested to see DPH's design.
  7. I was wondering if there is a difference between Chaos gas piston and KA's gas tappet as far as performance is concerned? I'm sure you probably can't go wrong with either but, was just curious.
  8. I like mine, I think it looks good on my Saiga. Nice job and thank you, Cobra.
  9. Thanks guys for all of the ideas, I'm looking towards something without pockets on the outside. I'm digging the pelican case as well as that price! Still kinda pricey but, not compared to the normal prices you see for those. Thanks for the link. A soft case also would be in order though. I will let you know what I end up with and again thanks for all the info guys!
  10. I've been looking for a nice case for the range but, nothing has made me jump, so was just wondering what others have been using???
  11. Yeah, UPS ground seems to take forever.
  12. I have ordered everything to do my conversion and then some from Greg and I would just like to say, nothing but top notch! I'm one of those people that once I order something online I can't wait for it to come in the mail and it just irritates me when the company your ordering from just kinda "gets around to it." I'm sure some of you can relate when you even pay for faster shipping and still they end up sucking ass somehow. Well, I have to commend CSS for always shipping my parts out like clock work. Great communication, no lag, no delays, nothing but, great customer service! I would recomme
  13. Definitly in for a 10-12 round drum. My only suggestion/request would be steel reinforced like the izmash factory mags.
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