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  1. Definately the most fun. Here's me having issues with my saiga but still cleaning a few targets. Unfortunate opportunity to practice my "open bolt" drum load technique. I got mine back just two days before the match from being refinished and didn't have time to fiddle with it. Mine definately shot better through the day, but I can still see it wearing down the new finishing material along the rails and some surfaces of the bolt. Probably going to just polish the areas that are currently wearing and see if that improves it's ability to cycle the low-brass. Haven't had a problem cycling buck. Folks need to understand that with so many home converted saigas, there's going to be a lot of variability in performance, and it shouldn't be an idictment against the entire breed if a few have issues. Kind of felt bad mine had such a poor showing, as it was cycling fine before I had the coating put on to cover the sins of my dremel.
  2. All I know is that with the MD20, I don't have to do this: May have to down load the image to see it. For some reason it's only showing the first two frames to me in browser. Basically the guy reaches in to the breach with his thumb to guide the top round in. Shouldn't have to do that.
  3. Now this has probably been asked but I didn't find it. If you have a gunsmith chop the barrel and weld the brake to a compliant length, do you lose credit for that brake as a compliance part now that it is no longer detatchable?
  4. At least the headline didn't read: College student and two men slain in home invasion, suspects remain unknown. Good for the fellow who chose to defend himself and his roommates
  5. Finally finished self conversion. Cheap and functional. Phantom Brake Tapco, Tromix complete trigger group ATI Folding 6 position stock CAA grip Tapco Rail/handguard
  6. Doing my own Saiga 12 conversion, and have gotten past most all the dremel, drill and tap work (except perhaps a trigger guard forward mount hole, won't slip under the mag catch). Using vbrtrmn's 922r calculator at http://jobson.us/922r/ (Which I like because it emphasizes the shotguns): I'm showing that with my current parts count (that I think I'm at) I should be good to add both a foreign pistol grip, and use the RAA 5 round mag. My understanding is that Command Arms Accessories are Made in Israel, which means they wouldn't help on 922r compliance, and must be counted as "other". Just to cross check, have I accounted the parts correctly? Part, Origin, 922r listing, (Manufacturer) Part 01 RU (01) Receiver (RAA) Part 02 RU (02) Barrel (RAA) Part 03 USA (05) Muzzle attachments (Phantom Brake) Part 04 RU (06) Bolts (RAA) Part 05 RU (07) Bolt carrier (RAA) Part 06 RU (09) Gas pistons (RAA) Part 07 USA (11) Trigger (Tapco, Tromix set) Part 08 USA (12) Hammer (Tapco, Tromix set) Part 09 USA (14) Disconnector (Tapco, Tromix set) Part 10 USA (15) Buttstock (ATI) Part 11 IL (16) Pistol grip (CAA) Part 12 USA (17) Handguard (Tapco) Part 13 USA (18) Magazine bodies (Surefire) Part 14 USA (19) Followers (Surefire) Part 15 USA (20) Floorplates (Surefire) Total Non-USA parts: 6 If I have the RAA 5 round mag installed that would bring it to 9 parts as I understand it. All that sound correct?
  7. I would point to the real world incident of the North Hollywood shoot out, where the assailants had made suits of armor from Aramid. I believe this constituted soft armor, probably equivalent to II or IIIA. The buck shot from the LEO 12 gauge shot guns had negligable effect on the assailants. Now mind you these guys had taken drugs to minimize pain, and were probably mentally prepared to be shot, so it may not represent all cases. This also doesn't address slugs, but it seems common sense that if a shotgun round to the chest fails to stop an assailant, it's time to try something else, be it a shot to a different part of the body, or a different type of weapon. While use of armor by criminals is rare, thugs well equiped by South American/Mexican drug cartels are begining to apear with armor (though mostly the violence is confined to drug related persons). In my own town three men invaded a home with hard armor and AK-47s, occupants were shot but survived. While I'd give the S-12 the edge over a rifle for being able to rapidly deliver potentially disabling fire to the head and extremities of the assailants at close range, I still doubt there's much one could have done there and survive but surrender (except maybe for those people who sit around their house in level III armor). For lawful private citizens minding their own business, the odds of encountering an assailant with armor is probably rare to none. And for that off chance, that's what the Mozambique Drill is about (I'd say as appropriate to shot guns as pistols). I'd hope since the North Hollywood shoot out our LEO around the country have been taught the same thing.
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