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  1. mk4dubbin

    Weakest Ammo Recommended?

    Wow, I wish I could get my Vepr12 to run on 3 1/4 dram loads.
  2. mk4dubbin

    First range trip, what should I know before going?

    I havent been able to fire my V12 without a FTE after every single round. I have about 50 rounds or so through it so far. This is with a SGM 12rd and factory 5rd. I have been using 7 1/2 shot 1290FPS. So far, not impressed. I was actually pretty emberassed as I let my neighbor play with it and he couldnt go more than one round without a FTE.
  3. mk4dubbin

    Vepr 12 - In Stock!!!

    Arms America.com has the SGM 12 an 10 rd mags instock at reasonable prices too, even though their site says they are on hold ! I spoke to a sales rep and he said they just came in and had not changed their website yet as they were so busy!! AA also is taking preorders at a lower price on Vepr's coming in but don't have an actual date . If you know anything about Russian arms that is as good as it gets. I talked to a nice lady at AofA on Friday. She told me that there is a batch of V12's coming in very soon(probably the same batch that Centerfire and Classic are selling), but that they are likely already sold to all the people who preordered. I asked if there would be another batch after that, she was not sure.
  4. mk4dubbin

    KVar Bulgarian AK333 FSB no threads...

    Well if i dont like it, then im sure someone else will. Although im not too concerned with flash suppression as i dont typically go target shooting at midnight. We'll see.
  5. mk4dubbin

    New 7.62x39 Brake.

    nicely done dr thunder. I purchased an FSC47 a few days ago.
  6. mk4dubbin

    14x1L threading tools

    looking for the die, tat, and handle. thanks
  7. mk4dubbin

    KVar Bulgarian AK333 FSB no threads...

    I dont have any experience with the FSC47, but with all the research ive done, ive decidede its going to be the brake that goes on my saiga when i finally order the threading tools.
  8. mk4dubbin

    Help with flash hider options?

    If it was strictly flash suppression i was going after, i would get a smith vortex. If i didnt want to spend that much i would get a YHM phantom.
  9. mk4dubbin

    KVar Bulgarian AK333 FSB no threads...

    Why didnt you just cut away part of the shroud, thread it, and call it good?
  10. mk4dubbin

    The Golden Age of 7.62x39 Ammo has begun

    Anyone know of any other dealers that do a payment plan, like Copes does? Its just so much more convenient for me, and Copes doesnt have a good selection of .223, which i need.
  11. mk4dubbin

    New 7.62x39 Brake.

  12. mk4dubbin

    New 7.62x39 Brake.

  13. mk4dubbin

    having trouble pressing fsb off

    Im using the same plates as you would see in this thread. 1.25" http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=16099&st=0&p=135409& The trimmed penny and socket are smaller than the ID of the FSB. Im not that dumb. Press is a 20ton HF shop press
  14. Trying to take the fsb and gas block off to put a standard handguard retainer on. I have the fsb with the pins only, no dimples on the side. I got the pins out and put a trinmed penny over the crown with a skinny socket on the top of that, threw it in the HF press and cranked down. I applied some heat to the fsb. The penny ended up getting just about cut through and my press plates started deforming. Fsb didn't budge at all. Hopefully I'm doing this right. Anyone have any tips?