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  1. Atlantic was doing it, but isn't taking orders at this time.
  2. When I see companies blowing out the thumbhole stock Vepr rifles, given the new Vepr 12s coming in, which have a square trunnion, I wonder. Anyone know if new models are coming in soon? Maybe models already converted?
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of 10-12". Opening up or adding ports is one thing, moving things around is something different, in my mind. There are strengths to the Vepr-12, but a few unknowns, too.
  4. Thank you for translating 1) the marketing hype and 2) my original question so you could answer based on your experience. That was kind of you and I appreciate the time you took to do it.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. How does the self-regulating gas system on the S12 Version 30 work in an short barrel shotgun? Does it still require modification as the normal Saiga 12s do when converted into a short barrel configuration?
  6. Does the Molot self-regulating gas system mean one can make the Vepr-12 into a SBS without having to make gas system modifications as in the Saiga 12? Anyone know how the self-regulating gas system works?
  7. manatee

    Vepr-12 magazines

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
  8. manatee

    Vepr-12 magazines

    What do the metal clips do? My concern is if anything is lost (strength?) by not having them. When will you know if your magazines retain the LRBHO function?
  9. How do the SGM Vepr-12 magazines compare with the original factory Molot magazines? What are the differences?
  10. Which optic is it they are using in the video that can be used with both eyes open?
  11. Which, if any of the Saiga 7.62x39 models sold include a threaded barrel? If the barrel is not already threaded, and I do not want to thread it myself, which companies thread AK barrels?
  12. They etched out the mark of the previous importer. That can be fixed. I'd like to have the rifle refinished with Norrell's polymer moly resin anyway. How do you fix the rectangle in the refinishing process?
  13. I'm wondering who has them in stock and who has the best price right now.
  14. I am wondering how the quality of a Saiga 7.62 and 5.45 barrel compares with other barrels, such as pre-ban Bulgarian and Eastern European barrels. Given the barrel ban, I'd like to learn more about the Saiga barrels. What do I need to learn about Saiga barrels? I believe they must be high quality barrels, but I do not know what about them makes them so.
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