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  1. There will always be a need for this forum. American Motors has been gone for a long time but people still need a forum to figure out what to do when they find a Javelin in their grandpas garage. It will be ok.
  2. I just weighed mine for comparison. With a loaded 5 round mag, it weighs 7.6lbs.
  3. My favorite S12 build is the one sitting next to me right now. If someone else’s Saiga is your favorite build, it’s time to get motivated to square yours away. That being said, I do like that mini saiga 12 that evlutionz makes. That thing looks like it weighs 2 pounds.
  4. Tromix SBS. Had it for about 10 years. Converted it myself back in 2008, then had Tony put her on a diet last year.
  5. I sent a custom drafted 3000 word essay to all my congressmen and PBO!
  6. If you think you can keep your cool, load the first 2 shots with a less-lethal round. Tell him to "sit the hell down and fut the shuck up!" If you get good results, call it good. If not, give him the rest. Its much easier to enjoy the triumph of stopping the intrusion when you didn't actually have to kill anyone. Just my 2 cents.
  7. 10 rounds of Remington Premier Nitro Sporting Clay Target Loads shot below the belt is surprisingly disabling. Regardless, 5 to 10 shots in his direction will keep the bad guy from moving around and earn him a helicopter ride to the trauma center. He will probably live. I haven't shot my drywall with it obviously but I'm pretty sure collateral damage will be minuscule.
  8. why avoid the barrel attachment option? I went with the harris barrel attachment and it seems fine. That swivel on the handguard was a piece of garbage and that composite rail looked uber cheap
  9. thanks for the help guys.
  10. will the harris 6-9" bipod support a 20 or 25 round surefire mag or do I need a larger size? Thanks guys. Unable to find answer on here.
  11. will the harris 6-9" bipod support a 20 or 25 round surefire mag or do I need a larger size?
  12. what someone needs to do is make a sling attachment plate like on the AR15 that would allow for a single point attachment and simply insert it in between the butt-stock and the receiver. Done and done.
  13. I store mine with mag inserted and bolt held open. Deformity of the rounds depends on so many things that I choose not to even have that be a possibility. +1... also racking it as you exit the bedroom usually solves the problem without firing a shot. Even a strung-out junkie knows what that sound means.
  14. I cant remember the last time... or if I have ever started a topic myself before.... but this was crazy. In hindsight I should have snapped a photo for you guys and I should have looked at the ports... oh well: I walked into the local gunshow that was going on this weekend in my city. I made my way to the right of the front door of the pavilion about twenty feet and saw a Factory s12 with 19 " threader barrel.... for $900. I just about choked on my breakfast burrito. When I found my composure I continued on my adventure... and there were no other Saigas of any caliber to be found... bu
  15. +1. I also use the howard leight impact sport electronic earmuffs pictured below... like some of the other guys stated above. Its nice to be able to hear everything... especially because the outdoor range is 1 mile from the prison. Shoot anyone in orange and ask questions later. Its good practice anyway.
  16. Rail and foregrip came yesterday. Took it to the range. Solid! Thanks Cameron! Sorry photo sucks. girlfriend broke camera. Oh well. Webcam works ok.
  17. Cameron- I think that we should create a Chaos thread just for guns that have your works of art on them. I plan on posting a new photo when my rail arrives anyway.
  18. Thats about as definitive as it gets right there.
  19. I think UTG has had it at this point.
  20. pfmedic

    What to buy

    You have much reading to do on here. There is a thread about "why you should convert" under the saiga 12 section. However, the most important reason is simply because those naughty democrats may make it so you wont be able to later.
  21. I think its safe to say that you can say goodbye to high capacity mags (Sh!t I better call magpul tomorrow ) and on another note I think its too costly to ask everyone to turn in guns. They wont get them all and it will just end up being a huge waste of time and money with the economy the way it is. They will just grandfather us all in. However, I do smell the possibility of fines and fees instead... but even that may be more of a hassle than its worth.
  22. New Mexico. Im from the San Francisco bay area... and living here in a giant sandbox with a high concentration ignorant people to my left and right drives me crazy... but I can do most anything and have most anything out here... ... and that keeps me going.
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