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  1. I have to question this given how many they raise, like the Monitor. If they could they would have raised that entire ship, was not for lack of trying. What they didnt die in that one too?
  2. Yeah I am asshole about some things, one of them when people spew falsehoods and call them truth. Get real pissy about that, character flaw I know... Now answer the fucking question
  3. Not being a smart ass at all but what enemy of my freedom did you dispatch?
  4. How many times are you going to buy that excuse? Independent of all other explanations, once is accident twice is coincidence three times is confirmed enemy action... How many so far? Or it could be dingbat crazy narcissistic pile of vomit. Not sure what number you would put in font of it. There are a lot of crazy people out their with the capacity to have a personal conspiracy bounce around in their brains without any help from others. It stopped being about crazy when it became obvious this shit was going to continue until someone gets what they want. You know what they want.
  5. Hillary is a product of the Liberal '60s hippie culture. Which was a direct result of the imperialist (dont even try to argue otherwise) greatest generation. Seriously none of this just sprang up everything is a result of some failure in some generation. Heck remember the parents of the greatest generation founded the Federal Reserve and elected FDR, that right thar was pretty danged silly ya know .
  6. Do not forget someone created Hillary so how far back you want to take the blame? I put it somewhere a few thousand years ago.
  7. Ah holsters the bane of our existance ... well its a problem at least. I just re-purpose .mil replicas in leather for the odd ball pistols but I chest carry up here on the mountain.
  8. Lot of things have come together The Russia hysteria or just plain old nationalism The ban The lack of tool skills in generations following the baby boom. The fall of, yes it has fallen, the number of people owning firearms despite blips AInt that anyone has better for the price for sure
  9. How many times are you going to buy that excuse? Independent of all other explanations, once is accident twice is coincidence three times is confirmed enemy action... How many so far?
  10. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/05/broward-sheriffs-captain-who-gave-initial-order-to-stage-not-enter-stoneman-douglas-is-idd.html As always patience is required to flush out the rats So mr sheriff explain why your captain violated your own active shooter dept policy and received no real knockdown until this late date? Use your own good reason folks its getting pretty damn plain
  11. Heh the list of things that were not around far exceeds social media, this crap began long before there ever was such a thing. Did make it worse though, no all this is inevitable.
  12. What can said besides collectivism (us) always fails. There is not now nor ever was any "us"
  13. Well likely were not doing much in the way of gun business anyway and therefore cheap virtue signaling.
  14. Because we are way past the point of bitching doing any damn good about the problem at hand and have decided something else is at work here. Therefore relevant?
  15. There are gods I absolutely will mock, creations of men to their evil bidding across long centuries to lead us to this catastrophe. One true god there is and we are living in a time of his judgement to our sorrow I fear, even his children as few as there really may be will know much of that.
  16. Of course they did, already did it years ago, so who is still buying from these dicks?
  17. Yeah its pretty much a distinction only other yankees make... The rest of us.. meh all looks the same. Problem is you got the gov you got because of what old donut catcher pulled right? Crappy repubs always leads to that... almost like a script in fact...
  18. A history lesson would benefit all sides of this debate, well except the side that is saying all this just BS... they seem to have this nailed.
  19. Something is different this time ... she agrees for what ever it is worth Frankly yeah when they start screaming to burn folks at the stake then something is very different and we should believe what they show us. Or don't as a crap load of people are getting crushed when this thing collapses and I am not sure if "knowing" will make one bit of difference.
  20. This is going to get out of control and we will all be lucky not to get killed. Truer words huh Something over there in lala land is winding up, things seem different this time . I dunno glad to be in the redoubt for what its worth. Good place
  21. Nice opinion piece with fuck all for proof... hmm pretty much the same line spouted by .gov... kudos. Oh nothing to see here we just have no clue what we are doing so take our word for it... because shinny badges. Nobody claims to know much of anything except whatever that bunch claims is pretty much insured to be a fuckin lie.
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