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  1. IndyArms is being polite and Nalioth is telling you the truth. Yours is what is known as a "Fricked Up" "Conversion." After its major supporter, Frick. You are not the first guy to march in here and start trying to tell people that bolting a bunch of junk on your firearm is better then restoring it to the original design. The board and the methods discussed here have been the work of a LOT of man hours and research and frankly I think that some time reading what has been posted here would be far more beneficial then walking in and telling us that you have reinvented the wheel and asking
  2. Hi to all, This is my first post and I am a definate Newbie to this sight and to Saiga rifles. I bought a .223 Saiga at a gun show last year as an investment since they were on the new "Assualt Weapons" list that was being kicked around in Congress. It is still new in the box & unfired. I did not like the plain look of the gun so I bought the Tapsco colapseable stock & pistol grip, along with the gas piston & a couple of sp[rings so that I am 922r compliant. I will attach a couple of photos to show you the finished product. My question is why wouldn't this be the conversion
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