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  1. No, it is clinical paranoia brought on by senile dementia. I don't use the term lightly.
  2. A situation where I can't shelter in place, and lack of TP. I'm decently well prepared for most likely scenerios, and if worst came to worst I could bike to my grandparents house which, thanks to their paranoia as they grew older, is well armored with a couple hidden gun racks. "Sure you can take what is in the gun safes. . ."
  3. Might I recommend trying some Jim Dandy beef jerky? I recommend both the Black Label and Original
  4. Yup, spring walked off the trigger indeed. Fixed, though the spring looks like it won't want to stay on in the future. May have to shape it a bit, or else get a replacement. Range trip tomorrow.
  5. No damage to the main spring. Will need to take a mallet to my scope mount to get the dust cover off to check the trigger, though.
  6. Fired over a thousand rounds before I ran into this problem. It is converted, using a Dinzag FCG. No buffer.
  7. I have a PA micro on my s.308. I blew up several dozen clays today with it, single shots at ranges from 15 yards to 75 yards. Works great.
  8. Last time I looked into dustcover scope mounts, they tended to be flimsy plastic things that flexed so much as to make them less than ideal for precision optics. I am currently pondering making my s.308 and hopefully a new Vepr 54r into accurate range rifles, and I'm looking for better scope mounts? I don't think a side mount is really suitable for a scope with a 50mm objective. Thoughts?
  9. About half way through my last range trip with my S.308 the trigger stopped resetting after each shot. The spent case ejects fine (slight ding on the shoulder, gets launched a good distance, mild shaving of the rim by the extractor) the next round loads fine, but the trigger is LOCKED with the chamber loaded. Manually cycling the bolt resets the trigger, but I have to do it after every round. Between that range trip and this one I did a full clean and lube on the gun. Exact same issue today at the range. I'm at a loss as to what could be causing it. Thoughts?
  10. I've had the exact same thing happen. Fire, bolt loads a new round, but doesn't go back far enough to reset the trigger fully. Trigger is locked. For me the issue was grime; I hadn't cleaned the gun for ~500 rounds. Some judicious use of hoppes #9 and remington gun oil fixed the issue.
  11. Welcome to the forums! Personally I'd say get some CSSpecs magazines, and put a good quantity of lead down range.
  12. You don't understand Anonymous if you're making statements like that. There is no single "anonymous" there is no unified leadership. The people who did project Chanology are different from the ones that hacked Sony for a couple months, are different from the ones who did this. Blaming or crediting "Anonymous" as a whole for anything is like blaming or crediting the SEALs for what Jake did on Top Shot. In order to really understand what is going on, you have to know a couple things. . . First off, information secrecy as a concept is dead. If it exists online, people can get into it.
  13. So, watching American Guns. My first impression is "Man I respect Will much more than these guys"
  14. Promo code doesn't work towards firearm purchases. Just dodads.
  15. I'm an avid backpacker. My "BoB" is tailored to whatever conditions it may require. Eruption of nearby volcano? Gasmask with 2 spare carts. Zombie apocalypse? This is the saiga forum, WTF do you think I'd use? Tsunami? Food and shelter. . . essentially my typical backpacking kit. I do have Costco's pre-built survival pack if something generalist is needed without any warning. I swapped out the crowbar for my 10mm and 100 rounds, however.
  16. Girlfriend of mine who I got into guns has TIIIIIIINY arms. She could either buy an expensive tactical shotgun, or get an inexpensive dual barrel kit, and an inexpensive aftermarket stock.
  17. Ok Greg. Just ordered a bunch of gunchunks from y'all. Hopefully it will allow me to enjoy my S12 as much as I enjoy my S.308. Btw, keep an eye open for wood PSL style furniture for a converted .308. If you find one, I'll buy it, as well as another s.308.
  18. So tempting! I'm somewhat lusting after a Saiganov. . .
  19. My S12 is a fairly basic conversion. It is pretty comfortable to shoot with normal strength loads, but I'd like to get it to the point where I'm comfortable doing a magdump with magnum buck. What is involved in putting a muzzle break on it? Any recoil pads work well with the t6 stock?
  20. Actually, the 25 round surefire makes a nice tripod when shooting from a table at the range. The 20 is just short enough to not do so. Not sure which I prefer, but the 20 round surefire does load better on a closed bolt.
  21. A mix of Surefire 20s and 25s. As stated above, I've never had an issue with any of 'em.
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