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  1. There is a definate trend of people seeing the bottom dropping out fast. The problem is that there are so many different bottoms dropping out in so many different ways it can be problematic to prepare for them all. I mean how do you prepare for longer, harder hurricane seasons? Harsher El Ninos? More and stranger tornados? Massive monozygotic crop failure due to insufficient genetic diversity of staple crops? There are so many potential problems in the future that it is difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff. The scenerios you prepare for tend to reflect your own biases and wor
  2. In truth there is only one honest, valid answer for this question. Violin case Thompson.
  3. Had something similar happen to me when I was living in fairbanks. I was sitting at my computer, annoying people on the XDtalk boards when I hear some loud cracking from the woods outside my apartment. I literally DIVE into the hallway, and *WHAM* the tallest tree on the property crashed into my room, right above where my computer was set up. . . . . . But alaskans build tough, and it merely dented the absurdly strong support beams for the roof. No broken anything, merely a tree engulfing my apartment.
  4. Flash hider? Umm. . . shouldn't all the powder already have burned before the round exits the barrel?
  5. No backpedaling. It is a response to you completely missing the point, which you still are. Tranq darts, as seen in numerous naturalist shows, were brought up BY MY COWORKER as the ideal self defense weapon. They aren't. They take too long to go into effect, there are large percentages of people with allergies/adverse reactions to whatever aneshtesia is in them, large percentages of people with tolerances toward them, plus the issue with dosing. Any dose that is likely to bring ANY intruder down quick enough to be useful, is likely to be over the LD50 for most of the population. I don
  6. And maybe you need to get your head out of your ass and read what I actually wrote rather than claiming words I did not actually type. "Targets" and "Intruders" are different. The area where tranq guns are used (mostly by naturalists) they rightfully have a bad reputation for EXACTLY THE REASONS LISTED. WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE NOT USED ON HUMANS. That was my coworker's idea of an ideal home defense weapon, not mine. I made up nothing. Again, get your head out of your ass. I never said they were used in self-defense situations, merely that they tended to kill their targets often. Th
  7. Look at the post above yours. That is (one of) the reasons they AREN'T used. Next up would be that anesthesia takes longer to go into effect than a Hot Lead Injection. Finally the subjectivity of any "chemical." Consider that not everyone reacts the same. So no, I can't give you an example of a tranquilizer gun killing an intruder, but I can provide you with a metric shitton of examples of professional, certified anesthesiologists doing so in perfectly controlled situations.
  8. My Witness 10mm with 2 spare mags in a belt holder, my s12 with 2x md20 drums and 1x 12rd promag drum, my s.308 for mid-range, and 30-06 hunting rifle for anything requiring accuracy.
  9. In recent conversations with my co-minions at work, several people have expressed interest in heading out to the gun range and getting the basics of gun safety and marksmanship from me. They've also expressed an interest in getting a defensive weapon, but only "less than lethal" defensive weapons. Now I'm fairly knowledgeable about the subject, and I pointed out that some "less than lethal" weapons are actually more likely to kill your target than popping 'em with a handgun (Tranq guns are notorious for this.) I further explain that in a defensive situation where a civil suit crops up ag
  10. There is a luck component. The last 25 I put through my 16.5" saiga all fell into one ragged hole about 1.5" across. Now I was benched down with sandbags, but that is still damn nice. Doubt I could repeat it. OTOH my hunting rifle will do that at 300 yards in windless conditions.
  11. Ehh, nearly year old article with some baseless conjecture. The UN has no right or even ability to "police" within a sovereign country, and I don't see the US loosing its sovereignty any time soon. The "unique marking" and country code is TBH a non issue, as nearly every new firearm already has a serial number. (and much ammo already has that data on its headstamp.) Now what wasn't clear in the article was if this law was supposed to apply to "Legacy" or "Curio and Relic" firearms. If so, then to hell with 'em. Otherwise I see it as a non-issue.
  12. I hate getting as off topic as we are, but I have to respond a bit to the cries of "Anti-LEO" sentiment. The situation of LEO and Citizen interaction is far more complex than we really have time for in a venue like this forum. To start off with, the vast majority of police/citizen interaction is trivial and positive. This involves things like simply being a visible presence, chatting with people, and the like. This happens often, and is usually completely forgotten quickly due to being so mundane. The next most common citizen/police interaction are trivial things like traffic stops whi
  13. Would definately be interesting to see other people's responses to those at the range. People get weirded out enough by my s12 and especially s.308 so having an ar-15alike in 12 gauge would provoke some serious eyebrow raising.
  14. Awesome, Tony! Any idea what the retail will be on 'em? and any idea for Tromix designs? How's the trigger?
  15. How low does something need to be voted before it gets nuked? Oh, and Judge Dredd? Check out nutnfancy's KSG vs S12 video. How are we supposed to take you seriously when you get one of the thesis points wrong in your OP? BTW, the KSG seems like it would fit your needs better than a S12
  16. And there, clear as day on the tiny bit of steel still visible on it "Saiga 12" So there you have it. Jayne's very favorite gun, with Extreme Sentimental Value, Vera, the Best Gun Made By Man. . . is a Saiga 12.
  17. I'd get one for certain. My primary hunting rifle is an aught six, and I like it just a hair more than the .308. And I have all the reloading dies and such. . .
  18. Never dealt with them. From what I've heard on the forums, I'd probably like 'em. What amazes me, honestly, is the difference between the small Arms shops and the small Computer shops.
  19. . . . every American business were as quick, reliable, friendly, and reasonably priced as Dinzag, MDarms, and MAA. Living in Alaska as I do, I have been purchasing bits and bobs off the 'net longer than Paypal or Amazon has been around. I've had problems here and there, and I've had good stories here and there, but dealing with the small vendors here is an outright pleasure. People can say what they will about gun-owners, or merchants of death (I'm looking at you, Brian, Mike!) but if every American business were run in the manner of Dinzag or MDarms things would be looking a lot better i
  20. Sounds like the order I just received. 2 drums, the pistol grip, V-plug, and gas puck.
  21. Both orders I put through there shipped the next day.
  22. Dinzag does excellent work. Between Dinzag and MDarms, you have virtually everything you'll need.
  23. The only reason to not trust a s12 is if you haven't worked with it enough. Some people will say that you shouldn't buy a firearm that isn't 100% from the factory, but the fact of the matter is that nothing is 100% perfect 100% of the time. That does not mean that it cannot be made to be the next best thing to perfect. Don't settle for anything less. These guns are great for tinkering, so tinker until it is perfect.
  24. Most of the conversion FAQs and guides tend to gloss over reattachment of the final stock. I'm curious what the various techniques and options are. I'm looking to do a s12 conversion within the next month, and want some sort of folding stock (Ideally an underfolder, but a sidefold will work if I can't find a good underfolder for it.) So, any advice?
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