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  1. I think a SINGLE thread where people review their online transactions might be useful. For example, I've gone through Mississippiautoarms and saigastock for doodads for my .308, and both were excellent, with good communication, and VERY fast turn around. I'd recommend either retailer to anyone.
  2. amen Aside from missing the pistol grip, how was it "neutered"? Thanks for the info on the BHO, btw.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a 12. I do have some concerns, however. First, I'd need one with a bolt hold open. Is there a good way to check if it has it in the gunshop? Secondly, has anyone used one of the strap on brass catchers? Thirdly, what is the recommended fore-grip? (Kelly grip?) Fourthly, how necisary is converting them?
  4. Hrrm. That makes converting more attractive. . .
  5. Excellent writeup. Only two questions I have about it is "can I still use my Tapco t-6 stock+pistol grip?" and "Does it move the rear screw, to mess up my picitinny rail?"
  6. Honestly that's true for me as well. I've put 350 odd rounds through my 308 and never had one failure, through any of my 5 (current) mags. Now if I could get a beta-C mag that is that reliable, I'd LOVE it for a range-mag. (Or SHTF scenerio) The Idea of sitting at one of the benches at the range and putting a full hundred down range as quickly as is accurate makes me giddy as a schoolgirl. OTOH, if it has FTF, it is far less interesting.
  7. 1. I didn't go for the conversion. I put a tapco t6 stock+pistol grip on my unconverted .308. I'm not having anywhere near the problems with the trigger that most people describe. 2. I've not had a single failure with mine, in the 350 rounds I've put through it so far. The reliability from what I've been reading is what you would expect from an AK.
  8. All right! Took it to the range sunday morning, and put another 106 rounds through it. (2x 20 round surefire mags, 3x "25" round mags loaded to 22 rounds.) The only issue is the 25 round mags not seating with 24+ rounds, and not allowing the charging handle to be drawn with 23+ Not one failure to fire. Not one failure to eject. Not one failure to load. It is denting up my brass pretty seriously, but since I'm using non-reloadable brass, this isn't an issue yet. On the scope mount: I didn't have it quite tight enough to the stock, so there was enough wiggle to cause issues while I was si
  9. While I agree that much of Frick's diatribe is off topic, I think people need to stop and think about some of the points being made. The war on drugs, and specifically the war on MJ, has resulted in the US directly funding terrorists, criminals, and murderers. Legalization would mean disincentizing the black market, and thus defunding of the various criminal groups involved in drug trafficking. Further, by taxing it similar to Alcohol or tobacco, we would be making money on MJ rather than spending it. The problem here is one of perception: The population of the US has been conned into v
  10. Sounds about like the accuracy of my XD45c. 'course I get 13 rounds in my mags. . .
  11. I've cycled each of my Surefire mags twice at 20f. No issues with any of them other than the whole 23 round thing in my 25 rounders.
  12. The biggest problem with these rails is avoiding stripping the screw holes. You can mitigate this by putting in a barrel nut, and using a fast-release screw.
  13. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a nut for high capacity mags. (I don't think anyone would argue that 100 rounds is high-cap!) I'd love to be able to have 100 rounds ready for my Saiga, in one "convenient" package. And since Beta has just released a century mag for the M1A in .308, I can't see why they couldn't for another .308.
  14. Guess I PMed too late. Oh well, next batch. I have room in my case for 5 more magazines (have 5 currently) so I hope these work out well.
  15. So. . . I've had my saiga since the AG made his stupid announcement about the new AWB. I've been thinking about getting some sort of semi-auto centerfire plinker, and since I can't find the Saiga in 30-06, I thought I'd go with the next closest thing. As I already have a super-accurate bolt action rifle (Rem 700 in aught six) I decided that the short barreled version was the better fit for my needs. This is it! I put a tapco t6 stock and pistol grip on it before I read about the trigger issues. The trigger is ok for me so far, but I'm thinking about ways to improve it. I've put 250
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