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  1. Bought this years ago, shot it a couple of times and put it away. It should go to someone who appreciates it. $850 obo, buyer pays shipping or F2F in IA. I also have a 12 round surefire mag that has never been used. $35 obo+shipping. Sold.
  2. I bought a Saiga years ago and only shot it once. It was a vodka special as a spring slipped off the BHO making it a single shot affair. Since having kids, I gave up 3-gunning to focus my resources on pistol. After looking into it, it appears that the easiest remedy to the situation is going to involve taking the gun apart to the point that I might as well do a conversion while I'm in there. But I'm wondering if it is worth the $150 to convert it or just sell it as is and let it be somebody else's project. Will I get the money I spend on the conversion out of it when I sell it? Thanks
  3. no offense taken. the only way i can release the bolt is to take off the receiver cover and push the release down just enough to pull it completely out of the way with neddlenose pliers. i need to poke around here and find the solution but i have been a little busy with work school buying a house and getting hitched. the last thing i expected from my ak pattern gun was problems but once i have them fixed i am sure that i will be pleased.
  4. "You'll be even more dismayed when you find out that a stock s-12 with a 12 round mag is incompatible with 922r (i.e. illegal). You did research that didn't you?" Yeah, I knew about that, conversion parts are on order, but my dealer had mags in stock which is rare so I picked one up. I did not even have to take the 12 rounder out of the package, I could see it was quite different from my factory 5 rounder. "Takes practice. Most everyone here has run into that and did the research to figure out the proper procedure. Some members have even been nice enough to come up with mods to cure t
  5. Mine is new in box so it has not been converted, but it will be in afew months. You are right about the info on this site. If it was not for the internet I doubt these things would sell.
  6. I just bought my saiga and a 12 round surefire mag. I got home and was a little dismayed to find that my 12 rounder was incompatable with the gun! I then loaded my five rounder and found it all but impossible to load on a closed bolt. To top it all off, my bolt hold open disappeared into the receiver on an open bolt. Luckily I was able to get the cover off and manualy push the lever down, but there is no tension on the hold open. So my question is this: Are you people all crazy or just gluttons for punishment?!
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