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  1. I'd like to thank everyone for the help. Indyarms, I think what you said was the problem. I drilled a hole in the takedown button and put a cotter pin in it. It takes longer to dissasemble but held up under 100 rounds yesterday. Not a single problem. The guy I shot with is also now planning to get one. Kswordfish50, I with I would have heard or thought of the buffer thing before I drilled it but at least it now works. After shooting the Saiga 308 I'm defenetly getting a regular AK in the near future. It's pretty bad when we had more fun with a $300 Saiga than a $14,000 full auto M4. I
  2. Thanks Indyarms, I was thinking along the same lines because the spring and button goes forward somewhat easily by hand. That set screw is a good idea and I'm sure I can rig something up. Thanks for the reply AK-tre08. I can't pist pics but its in the grove your talking about. I'm preaty sure the problem is what Indyarms described. Since I already have some peoples attention, I bought the rifle to basicaly be a cheap beater and wanted to try to make it into a rifle endurance test. Basicaly I striped it down and cleaned it completely before even firing it. I want to just shoot it
  3. Hi. Brand new Saiga owner. (.308, 16") I shot it for the first time yesterday and everything went fine the first 15 to 20 rounds. Then at each shot the top sheetmetal cover that goes over the action would fly off. (this happened about 8 times and I then cave up.) It was securly on there each time and the button thingy that you press to disasemble was perfectly engaged. I don't see any wear marks or places that the topcover is getting wacked at. Right now at home I can cycle the action as hard as possible and pull on the top cover but it stays put . This is my first and only AK type of
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