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  1. Original,New early 1980 Izhmash Russian made, Short Collar chrome lined, hammer forged, "two-piece" AK-74 compensator will fit Krinkov or any 24x1.5 RH threads and they will work for 7.62x39 to (THE BORE IS .358). All have proof marks on the body these are very nice hammer forged brakes.Price $43.00 each FREE SHIPPING P mail.Payment paypal or MO. .Please post what you want and then contact for payment info and what you want. ALL SOLD
  2. Hi all I have made up some S 12 Breaks 5 total made from 4140 steel in the white. (OD is 1" .230) (ID that goes on the barrel is .883) (and they are 3" .488 long)(exit hole is .813).The brakes are weld on style if your barrel OD is .883 to .885 you are good to go.If any one wants one They are $35.00 ALL SOLD ALL SOLD
  3. Will they fit on a stock Saiga 7.62x39 Rifle with the hunting stock set-up . Yes they will fit and any AK.Rick.
  4. I have two Romy side folders all new with bolts.Price $30.00 + $9.00 SH EACH. ALL SOLD.
  5. AK-47 Flash Hider in 14x1 LH threads.Price $20.00 + $5.00 SH.Contact Info detect@att.net paypal or MO.Thanks.Rick.
  6. Hi its yours email sent for payment info.Thanks.Rick.
  7. I have one long FH it is 5 1/2" long x 7/8" OD and will fit any ak with 14x1LH threads.Price $20.00 $5.00 SH paypal or MO contact info detect@att.net SOLD PENDING FUNDS TO BG.Thanks.Rick.
  8. S 12 FH what do you think $60.00 each just let me know your barrel size the OD these will have to be silver solder on.Rick.
  9. I have one Short AK-47 muzzle brake in 14x1 LH threads and will fit any ak with 14x1LH threads.I have test fired it on my ak pistol and it works great it is made out of 4140 steel and is parked finish and is US made by me.Price is $20.00 and $3.00 SH payment MO .Thanks.Rick. SOLD SOLD
  10. Vortex Style AK-47 Hider US made out of 4140 steel.Price $25.00 shipped.For payment info detect@att.net Mo or paypal. SOLD PENDIG FUNDS.Thanks.Rick.
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