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    Guns of all types, vintage Mustangs and r/c airplanes.
  1. rcimhoff

    What should be polished/smoothed to help feeding?

    You dont have to go crazy polishing the bolt. Just get it scuff up with some 220 grit sandpaper to get a nice sheen on it, then step to 600 grit. I would beware of taking a dremel tool to it since you really dont need to remove that much material; just smooth out the imperfections. My Saiga had some FTF & FTE issues the first time I took it out. After doing the modifications on these pages which included polishing the bolt, the top of the hammer and the frame rails the thing ran like a top. Just dont get carried away and you will be fine.
  2. rcimhoff

    need advice

    The Kimber extractor that people complain about is the external version which they dont produce anymore. I've owned two Kimbers with external extractors and havent had any issues with them other then the one runs a bit tight but cycles perfectly. Many 1911's need their extractors tuned. I just sold a black stainless version of the Springfield Loaded because I didnt like it as well as my Kimber Custom. It was a beautiful gun, and I think that I just got a bad one, but I liked my Kimber more. Its tough to go wrong with a Springfield Loaded or TRP or a Dan Wesson and the lower price range Kimbers are still a very good value in my opinion. STI also makes a nice 1911 if you can get past their "styling".
  3. This is why we have laws in place to throw someone like Joe Felon in prison for a very very long time if he purchases a firearm when he is not suppose to. You don't ruin FTF transactions for the other 99% of citizens who can legally purchase a firearm just because 1% of the population is a bunch of deviants. Thinking like that is why the Left is so out of wack with reality. If there were no gun shows then he would just be able to get a gun through other means.
  4. There is no loophole. Considering that only 2% of all firearms used in violent crimes come from gun shows this is just the gun control groups attempt to strip more of our liberties away. You want to fix the "gun problem"? How about actually prosecuting those who use guns in crimes and keep them in jail once they get there instead of paroling them. As for the 90% of guns flowing into Mexico are from the United States, Fox News did a report about this "myth". Fox reporters William La Jeunesse and Maxim Lott found that the actual percentage of guns flowing into Mexico from the U.S. is actually closer to 17%. Look at what these Mexican drug cartels are using; full-auto machine guns. I doubt that there is a large flow of full-auto guns going to Mexico from the United States.
  5. Only in this country with this leadership would we consider our heros returning from war to be potential "terrorists"! It makes me laugh that we obviously know that there are concerns about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and loss of U.S. sovereignty and these are not viewed as real problems this country faces by the left-wing extremists but a reason for the "radical righ-wing extremists" to create terrorist cells??? Its not just conservatives who have a problem with they direction this country is going, its many different people from many walks of life. Hopefully this country gets its head screwed on right before we completely destroy the values that this country was founded on.
  6. rcimhoff

    Lets see those handguns!

    Here are some of my favorites...
  7. rcimhoff

    need advice

    The Springfield GI and Mil-spec are very well made guns for what they are. If you are looking for a plain jane Mil-spec gun then the Springfields are arguably the best ones on the market.
  8. rcimhoff

    What's your carry pistol?

    Here's mine...Kimber Custom II
  9. rcimhoff

    Low Recoil Ammo in S12???

    The first box of ammo I ran through mine was Federal #8 shot low-base target loads. I had 3 FTE I believe in 25 shots; two of which occured with the last shell which may not be an ammo issue but something else. This was with a brand new gun straight out of the box. Reliability may improve after I deburr the inside of the gun. For defense in a semi-auto anything I would only use full power loads to ensure reliability. As with any gun you have to shoot some of your defense ammo in order to know if it is reliable in your gun or not; this can be different from gun to gun so you won't know until you try it for yourself.
  10. rcimhoff

    Hogue AK grips

    Uhoh, I just assumed that Hogue products were US made, but I just checked the packaging that I had lying around from another set of Hogue grips, and it says "Manufactured in Mexico under the direct supervision and quality control of the Hogue family" Yes, the Hogue grips are U.S. made. Here is a cool one with a battery storage pocket in the grip.
  11. Well, since I'm a newbie I thought that this is as good as any place to post first. Here is a pic of me and the Mrs. and my other hobby...