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  1. I was fortunate enough to come by a fully converted saiga yesterday for about $350. There was a bullet guide already installed however I was wondering if any of you knew of a place where you can get a modified mag release so i don't have to file down all of my AK mags - I have a Milled Yugo M70 and don't want to touch my existing mags.. thanks
  2. Sounds great, i would buy a few
  3. I also purchased and paid in full july 8th, and didn't receive a conformation
  4. Will we get tracking numbers when these are shipped? Mine would've gone out on the August 15th shipment.
  5. thats excellent, i placed my order on the 8th
  6. I see on your website that the July 15th shipment is sold out. Is there a way to know if our order went out with that particular shipment.
  7. My B-Day is July 10th....I think a quad rail is in order Update- Just ordered it - Also Paid in full
  8. I bought some Federal and that only works with the gunfixers plug
  9. My guess is that TIG would be easier to work with (at least i think it is), but as far as the tech aspects of why its preferred for filling in holes, no idea.
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