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  1. You could head to the nearest Goodwill, they will probably have a poncho or a blanket that would make a good poncho for pretty cheap. I just got my costume together today, it was a fucking madhouse out there. This is the last time I wait until the last minute.
  2. I'll get on it right after I make that jet pack and mini portable turret.
  3. I could see myself rolling out of bed and cutting open my calves on that thing. I just keep mine leaning against the wall next to me in between the bed and the nightstand, it fits perfectly in that little space.
  4. This is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the pic of that rifle.
  5. I agree, but I wouldnt say no to getting to drive around one of those vans and blow shit up.
  6. I saw a show tonight called and they had 2 S12s in one of their vehicles. It looked like they had AA drums on them though. The show itself was kind of stupid, but they had some cool toys on it.
  7. The work on the bolt and carrier costs $85, shipped anywhere in the US. All the contact surfaces between bolt and carrier, and receiver rails, hammer, shells, and trunnion are mirror polished, and the bolt is reshaped first to allow much easier loading on a closed bolt. Also allows much smoother cycling and helps with top round deformation. Sending along the hammer with it will really help too. What would the price be for just shaping and polishing the bolt?
  8. Yea, Sam Adams is a douche. I had not heard about all of these shootings, I pretty much always carry when I go into the Portland area but I guess I will have to be extra vigilant now.
  9. I am having an issue with my PK-AS losing its zero. I get it sighted in just where I want it then I fire about 1-2 mags and the locking screw comes loose and it gets way off target. Is there some way to keep this from happening? The only thing I can come up with is maybe putting thread lock on it, but I am not sure if I like that idea. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. Well I just got back from Sears and I guess who ever I talked to on the phone lied because they did not have any 3.5mm allen keys. I guess I am just going to have to get one off the internet.
  11. meh.. Kind of cool but there are no bands on that line up that I would pay $1000 to see. If I liked most of the bands I would probably try to go but that is not the case.
  12. Thanks guys, for some reason I did not even think to look at Sears. I went to ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. but for some reason completely blanked on Sears. I just called them and they said they have them so I will be heading there to pick one up soon.
  13. The title pretty much says it all. I need a 3.5mm allen key to replace the one that came with my PK-AS, I have looked at several different stores and cannot find one. Does anyone here know where I can get one?
  14. When I was a kid my family used to go camping in Yosemite every year and almost every time a bear would come into our camp and take food. Usually we could just scare them off by yelling and banging pots and pans around, they dont like the loud noises. One time though my mom brought one of her friends along and she had never been around a bear in the wild before, so when the bear came into the camp she FREAKED OUT, she was screaming and trying to run away. She convinced my mom to take her to the rangers station so she could report that there was a bear in the camp grounds. I did not go with
  15. If you are into night life then you may want to check out Deep Ellum, there is a lot of cool stuff there. If not there is a pretty good sized zoo there you might like. There is also a Six Flags there, but it is going to be pretty warm this time of year so be prepared for that. There are some cool underground tunnels beneath Dallas that have little stores and stuff down there, also it is a good way to get around downtown without having to be out in the heat. That is all I can think of off the top of my head, but DFW is a very large place so whatever you are into I am sure you will find some
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