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  1. I wonder if they could make a bolt on Galil charging handle or use this one as the base an just make a 90 degree turn coming up off the end of it, sort of like an L
  2. how much for each pair i would be interrested in the long necks??
  3. I would buy the sites if he bought the rail, NEVERMIND i thought it said part without the sites!!
  4. I will take the 2 galil mags and the one german you have left
  5. I thought these rails bolted right onto the saiga 12s. You and two others have said milled to fit your gun. Whats that about?? I already have a extend quadrail and I just ordered a Titan top. But how much for your bottom since I will have a spare top with sights in it, I could put it on one of my other saiga 12s?? When I was checking the site I just looked at the tri rail not the quad and I did not see it was out of stock that makes sense why thanks
  6. The reason I was asking if there is a difference or not is because guys are waiting for Titan complete sets,But there are Titan top rails in stock and Chaos bottom tri rails, could you just build your own set instead of waiting?? or would it be different then what the Titan comes as??
  7. This has already been posted, they were out of stock
  8. is the lower half of the Titan different then the first quad rails or tri rails??
  9. I have a brand new one in the box I would sell you for the same price

  10. is that stuff with lines threw it sold theres nothing posted below saying i will take it???
  11. I was not bashing your prices, I was just asking a simple question sorry if you took offense to it, and I was basing my question on the old price of the quadrail not till after did I see they were on sale. for much cheaper. I did not know if the Titan was made out of better metal so it was more or something like that. I think your products are one of the best out there made for the saiga 12, If not the best quality tactical rails ever!!
  12. Yes i have at least between 4 to 8 sets of most stuff.Most all this stuff will work on AK Style rifles.
  13. They will work with the first quadrail bottom right?? How do I order a Titan hinged top??I found it on you site and answered my questions, but why is the top rail almost as much as the whole set??
  14. I already have a chaos quad rail to you have any titan top rails I can order,Are you making some seperate with out the bottoms to have to sell for this purpose??
  15. Now that some stuff is selling, I am up for trading if anyones has something they want to offer for some of my parts
  16. Do you know what make this stock is. Is it an early ace stock or what is it???
  17. his items where just as he said. Shipped them to me in a quick amount of time. Would buy from him again
  18. All parts are new old stock from Poland, and in excellant condition. Orders over $50.00 are shipped free and anything else will be USPS flat rate boxes,unless the parts are real small and will fit in a padded mailer then it will be cost. I have multiples of all items and if you do not want a full set of parts just ask and I will sell them seperate.Post your order here with "I will take it" then send me a PM.Postal money order preferred but can do private Paypal if needed. IF I AM SOLD OUT OF SOMETHING I WILL DELETE THE PICTURE OFF OF THIS ADD BUT I HAVE BEWTEEN 4 to 8 SETS OF ALL THATS LISTED. THANKS Fire control parts full set @ $10.00 each Bolt parts set @ $13.00 each Fire control set with trigger/hammer @ $16.00 each with a gas piston (not in pic) These are Romanian,just this set I have 5 of them. Magazine catch replacement set @$10.00 each Replacement site kit set @ $12.00 Recoil spring set @ $12.00 comes with spare spring retainer Folding stock parts set @ $38.00 each Selector lever @ $7.00 each Pistol grip nut & bolt set @ $6.00 each Cleaning rod @ $10.00 each Pistol grips @ $3.00 each or free with hand guard set Complete hand guard set @ 25.00 each
  19. they are not orlites they look like this one below

  21. THE MELT VALUE IS $2.3028 EACH 1942-1945 Nickel * $0.05 $2.3028
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