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  1. what is your price range for a 12. do you want one stock or converted??
  2. when he said $380/shipped he was talking about what he paid for it from his earlier post i think not how much to sell it for???
  3. I bought a bunch of used metal ak 30 round mags. I am going to rebuild them.sandblast and to a baked on paint job. Either dura coat (baked on type) or ceracoat. I wanted to see if people would be interrested in buying them in custom colors and a fair price range.Let me know This is the stlye mag that it would be.
  5. WTS This is a Norinco SKS 762x39 with the tapco stock and 6 position butt stock & pistol grip on it, plus a 100 rounds of ammo. It has a scope mount and comes with one 30 round clip. I have had this gun for several years and have shot maybe 50 rounds through it. It has been safe kept. It is in really nice shape and shoots great. Please ask me any questions needed and I can take more pics if needed. This is listed on gun broker but i can end that auction.I take postal money order only. $450.00 shipped IF YOU ARE INTERRESTED FEEL FREE TO MAKE ME AN OFFER SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ON GUN BROKER
  6. The AK rail is sold along with the tapco. The scope rings are all that is left on this picture
  7. WWW.JGSALES.COM has 762x39 Russian brown bear at 139.95 per 500 or 762x39 Russian brown bear at $269.90 per 1000 762x39 Russian brown bear SP $149.95 per 500 762x39 Russian brown bear SP $279.90 per 1000 762x39 Russian silver bear HP $154.95 per 500 762x39 Russian sliver bear HP $289.90 per 1000 They also have FMJ or HP wolf and golden tiger check out there website they have alot of other ammo also at good prices they have 223 Russian wolf from $264.90 up to $279.90 they have big 2 page adds in the shotgun news all the time (great paper to get if you do not have it)
  8. Fast payment,Easy to deal with,would do business with again Thanks for your purchase!!
  9. Fast payment,Easy to deal with,would do business with again Thanks for your purchase!!
  10. Fast payment,Easy to deal with,would do business with again Thanks for your purchase!!
  11. Fast payment,easy to deal with. would do business with again Thanks for your purchase nailbomb
  12. A++ Sent me a fast payment, easy to deal with,Thanks
  13. There is a guy on AK files that sells black ploymer sets for Dragunov styles guns he new there was a demand for them and got with a company and started producing them. They are now coming out with a adjustable buttstock for them because as we all know the stock ones are to short for us tall people. His name is Rob Email- R-glatz@hotmail.com Hope this helps
  14. I am cleaning out my safe trying to get some room. SKS 7.62x39 made in China by NORINCO KSI POMONA CA IT has a tapco stock with a 6 position butt stock and pistol grip, it has a scope mount on the reciever,and one 30 round new clip. Gun is in great shape! I have had the gun for several years and shot it twice and have put maybe 50 rounds through it. Asking $400.00 plus shipping. Money order or bank check buyer pays shipping. THIS IS LISTED ON GUN BROKER ALSO
  15. The carrier is not sized. It is fully adjustable. I wear 2xl in shirts will it go that big what does level three block for calibers
  16. ONE ACE RECIEVER BLOCK STILL FOR SALE $25.00 shipped Person canceled on purchase see pic in earlier post
  17. How are the vests sized?? Is size large for the vest the same as if you wear a large shirt??
  18. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT WTS all BRAND NEW 3 SKS clips two 30 rounders and a forty rounder. A leapers sporting type scope mount and a UTG barrel mount tri-rail #5 $60.00 O/B Shipped
  19. I have two factory buttstocks from my 223 and 308 and one 223 front handgaurd. $25.00 each shipped
  20. Here are some more photos. I have the same one on my AK but mine is made by UTG/leapers, You could email them and tell them you have one of there but lost the installation instructions they would send it to you or it might be on there website. They are really easy to put on. I will look and see if i can find the instructions to mine The rail splits in half as you can see, the half metal loops go in side the bottom part of the rail (if you need them) they go right where i set them in the picture but inside the lower rail, front and back. I just set it on top to show you. the half metal loops go to the bottom of the barrell hook with screws when you put the top on. it also comes with shims that go in between the back of the rail and the bottom front of the reciever if need. Hopefully this is not to confusing. The rail is made out of aluminium I bought it for my saiga 308 but did not fit.
  21. I have posted on here over the last year or so under VTSLATEMAN or SLATEMAN but my old computer crashed with all my stuff and info on it so I had to start over and had to buy a new computer. I built both of my saigas a 223 and 308 from all the info and help from this site. I am on other sites but they are all from my vermont slate roofing business. I could post it on ebay I just set up an account there to sell. I am not out to get anyone just trying to clean out some of my gun room. I am willing to do what ever to show that all is good.
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