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    New Taccom +11 extensions

    That almost looks like they puke them out on a 3d printer. I'd like to see them, but my inner engineer isn't super excited by the 4 piece design. Innovative for sure but I'm worried about durability.
  2. deathray

    fire bird

    Lol, OK
  3. deathray

    1919 Issues...

    For me it was the price mostly since the SAS lower was cheaper when I bought it. The big Firebird logo on his lower annoys me, I want to buy a tool and not a billboard. I've handled the Firebird lower and it seems to be a perfectly functional piece of equipment. I got the SAS because I'm cheap and vain. (that and shipping from T&N is faster since I'm much closer to them)
  4. deathray

    1919 Issues...

    Tooth and Nail sells a 24 round mega mag. It's nearly a standing monopod but if you absolutely need to clear a birdshot only stage at a match without reloading, it's a hot ticket.
  5. deathray

    1919 Issues...

    The optics mounting on the 1919 is vastly superior to that of the Vepr. The Vepr dust cover moves too much to hold a zero for accurate slug shooting. A left side charging handle is way easier to put on the 1919. Not an issue if you're a lefty of course, but as a righty I hate reaching over or under the gun to run the bolt. The mags are cheaper for the 1919. Yes you can get SGM mags for cheap, but the tab for the mag catch breaks on those, and they'll drop out of the gun if you clamp two mags together as demonstrated by Russell here: http://sinistralrifleman.com/2014/06/15/vepr-12-follow-up-magazines-and-slug-accuracy/ The 1919 isn't without its quirks though. The drive block failure I had at Ironman pissed me off enough that I haven't even touched it since, even though I have a shiny new T&N drive block sitting on my desk. It does need slightly hotter ammo than the Vepr to run reliably. My biggest bitch is having to take the stock off and then use a big allen wrench to disassemble the stupid thing. That's the one thing the Vepr really has over the 1919. It just comes apart like a krinkov.
  6. deathray

    Shooting light loads

    Remington GL126 and Gl127 work very well in my XN.
  7. deathray

    Someone finally making a bullpup kit for 1919

    I personally find the FS2000 to be a fine rifle, these retrofits sucked in the 90's (or even 80's) when the muzzlelites came out for Rugers, and they still suck. Purpose built bullpups can be good guns if the ergonomics don't drive you nuts.
  8. deathray

    Someone finally making a bullpup kit for 1919

    That looks terrible.
  9. deathray

    Promag MKA 1919 10 rd magazines available.

    In all fairness that prairie storm stuff will beat the rear trunnion out of a Saiga if it doesn't break other stuff first. It is just silly hot ammo, but is pretty awesome to watch somebody rotate a spinner 8 times with one hit from that stuff. But then again, the drive block on my MKA failed on me at Ironman shooting mostly GL126 and 1300fps Truballs. The Truballs did it in at Ironman.
  10. No, I was prepping for Ironman and had to skip this one.
  11. deathray

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    I got a replacement bolt from XN without trouble.
  12. deathray

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    If a bit of good natured ribbing counts as trolling, it explains a lot about why Jim is so grumpy all of the time.
  13. deathray

    MKA-1919 10 round mags

    Mine is pretty great for shooting clays. Though most fudd types have no clue what to think when I show up with an overgrown AR looking shotgun with an aimpoint on top.
  14. deathray

    MKA-1919 10 round mags

    I figured something inflammatory would bring you out of lurking. So what's the projected timeline for the drum? I have dollars and no drum and would like to convert that situation to less dollars and more drum.
  15. deathray

    MKA-1919 10 round mags

    Probably busy trying to patent the concept of a drum magazine.