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  1. I did a little grinding and filing on my safety for the conversion- makes it easier to install/remove and didn't affect the function. Before you do one bloody thing to it, install it and have a look at where the safety blocks the trigger leg when engaged. Now, don't touch that part of it for love nor money. Also note where it can run afoul of the disconnector- it isn't the same place as where it engages the trigger. You can grind that down. Also, outboard of where it engages the trigger you can also take a bit off to clear the BHO. It isn't rocket science and does make it a bit e
  2. Wish this thread would have happened last week. I was having the mainspring issue and ended up pulling out the trigger and filing a little notch in there- it keeps the spring from sliding over. It was compounded by the disconnector not releasing the hammer properly too; had to grind and polish the upper surface of the hammer too. We'll see if it works, but I think it will.
  3. I think I got mine back in backwards, with the long spring leg pushing against the BHO and the short leg against the receiver. The long leg was catching against the safety, making it harder to engage the BHO, but I bent it a bit and now it works fine. Unless it gives me a problem I won't be taking it apart to put it back in properly.
  4. Stupid question, guys: How does it attach? Does it slip over the existing charging handle and then tighten down somehow? Tromix makes great parts, but could do with a bit more "how it works" on their site...
  5. I just finished "Abomination" a little bit ago. Color is Duracoat's combat green. That's a 3rd generation (button cell) Kobra on it. I can't wait to see what people at the skeet/trap club think of this...
  6. Generally it isn't illegal to post information on how a FA functions, but the rules here be the rules here. Given that the S12, once converted to pistol grip configuration, uses the exact same fire control group as the regular AK (although modified for the bolt hold open), I imagine a regular AK with select fire would provide the information needed. I couldn't tell you where the hole for the auto sear would go; I don't know exactly myself.
  7. I'm a Saiga noob too, but from what I have read your problem is the ammo. They just don't like the Winchester value pack for some reason; I haven't seen why that is, but I accept it (my Remington 1100 hates Federal value pack). Apparently they'll run Winchester AA and about anything else all day long, just not the Winchester value packs.
  8. No real plans yet on a muzzle device; I may go for the Poly-Choke eventually- not a real high priority. I don't see me shooting a bunch of slugs out of the thing- I don't weld, so I'll keep an eye on those trigger plate screws too.
  9. Thanks. I was planning on the Tromix fire control group. Stock fitting is no real surprise. I was just trying to figure out if it really was that easy or if I was missing some important widget that would leave me with "bag o' gun."
  10. After drooling over the things for a while, I finally purchased a Saiga 12. In the interest of making this the most politically incorrect skeet gun the world has yet known (I currently use a Remington 870 Tactical with the Knoxx SpecOps stock), I want to convert this thing to the pistol grip/standard buttstock configuration. I already have a Kobra optic and the side rail mount (should be good to assist in killing those clays). I've converted a MAK-90 to 922r compliance by replacing the trigger group, so I'm somewhat familiar with the AK internals. I've just been trying to find answ
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