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  1. Low inventory.. I don't want to sell out at a discount. I'll do a sale on them in the spring for tax time when we make the next run. It's tax time!
  2. Are you taking pre orders for your whittled mags?
  3. Do you really have to go through the effort of shortening the gas block for a 2.5" reduction in barrel length? I thought the existing gas block could be tuned to compensate for much shorter barrels while leaving its length intact.
  4. I want a free conversion!!! We spent a nice lazy day yesterday b-b-q'ing and listening to fireworks in the neighborhood. I wanted to go to a display, but my 3-year old was asleep by 8:00...
  5. Just something to be aware of... If you used a jte reduced power mainspring in your conversion, you may have problems with the heavy hitter firing pin spring. The heavy hitter spring is a lot stronger than the stock one, and the reduced power mainspring could cause light strikes. I had to swap my mainspring out for a standard one.
  6. Converting the gun is almost as fun as shooting it! Seriously...it's a great feeling to know that if some of the internals get screwed up at the range, I know enough to get the gun up and running again.
  7. Not to add insult to injury, but you should know that your 20-round drum is illegal here.
  8. "You'd lose the ability to use drums" That's what's kept me from installing a magwell. I like the idea, but until they can accomodate the short feed tower, i'll stick with rock-and-lock.
  9. Like many here, I have a few S-12's. I've converted #1, am about to convert #2, and will leave #3 in stock condition in it's box. Any magazine that I try to fit in #1 requires quite a bit of sanding. My MD-20's required both the A and B fitting. Gun #2 is a bit worse than #1 (the fitted mags that work in 1 would need even more material to be removed from the A & B areas to fully snap into gun #2). My question is, If I buy two extended magazine releases and install them into gun 1 and 2, would that standardize my magazine fittings? My goal is to be able to take any of my mags or
  10. There was an almost identical thread recently. If I'm not mistaken, a pipe cutter was used for the cut with very gradual tightening, so as not to collapse the end of the barrel. Just my .02, but if you are cutting the barrel down anyway and know you have work to do on the ports, why don't you cut it down further (14.5"ish) and permanently attach a nice 4" break to bring it up to your 18.5" target length?
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