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  1. gunfun

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    A while back I helped a guy tech a problem on the other forum, and we conclusively determined that the bad factor was out of spec Federal Flite control LE 9 pellet OOB. i.e. the shells most people would call most appropriate for "serious use". It's been a couple years at least, but IIRC, both the head diameter, the rim thickness and the rim diameter were significantly off from the largest of any fired or unfired hulls I could find of any brand. And before someone asks what I mean by "significantly off" - I don't remember, but I think it was pushing 1/16" of an inch larger than the largest shell I could find. The shells hung up in a pump feed tube. So we had an informal survey and several people found that their fed shells had odd oversize rounds here and there, but none as bad as the OP's. I think any brand can do this, and it's part of the reason why I dry cycle the whole mag of shells for anything that I plan on keeping loaded in the gun for HD.
  2. gunfun

    Clone comparison

    This will be worth following for sure! If you haven't done so, this would probably be a good time to mic various dimensions of parts that take pressure or impact to be able to measure any deformation. It might be worth putting a couple punch marks or scribes in to measure from on some of the wonkier shapes on the bolt head, and trunion.
  3. Ditto. My wife's work week is currently offset. So I tend to do half days on mondays or tuesdays (her weekend) and make up for it on saturday afternoon. A weekday with her is a lot more fun than a weekend. When I was in high school, my stepmother was an avid skiier with thursdays off. I would do my schoolwork ahead and go ski with her on a regular basis, not having to share the hill or waste time waiting in line at all. And they were discounted. It made us into snow snobs. Midweek weekends work great for play. Not so much for playing with friends though.
  4. Sounds great. I would love a break from being a small business owner. It's been very tempting lately to be an employee with fixed paycheck and fixed hours/ hours off. My wife would feel a lot better about that too.
  5. gunfun

    Short shell reloads

    Glad to help. I think the FGM hull is the best plastic, but the "mid" brass might have a little more drag than the REM STS/Nitro style low brass. I think those might be what I would use for your project. Cut them down. IIRC those survive the most loadings for the people inclined to waste their time wearing out shells. That would mean that they are probably also most resistant to black powder scorching, and therefore most likely to save you trimming operations. Plus the gold color of the STS flavor kinda looks like the traditional brass, so that fits your theme a little better.
  6. gunfun

    Short shell reloads

    Haven't done it personally, but read up on it. I assume SASS? I've heard the same is true for the original winchester 1895 lever action shotguns. They want hulls that are a shade short. You are giving up the pattern benefits of the wad, unless you aren't going full short. That's my suggestion. There is actual load data for 2 5/8" British shotshells. i.e. these https://www.aerostaroutdoors /product/f2-subsound-12-gauge-1oz-7-5shot-1082fps-250-rounds/ (Link broken on purpose, just in case a forum vendor sells something similar.) Also, if you base your load off of standard AA12 data, but then use the claybuster clone of the winchester red wad, you are probably in the right neighborhood. It's basically the same wad, but with a shorter leg section. How much would you have to chop off to get your clean shucking? That's the length I would go for. Also, probably cleaner with a straight wall hull, as much as I like the gun club hull for most things. You could get some of the smooth style plastic federal gold medal hulls and probably get enough loads out of them to justify the effort in cutting down. Plus really good crimps. Otherwise, maybe work up a soft load from cheddite or fiochi hulls?
  7. gunfun

    i get to try slugs

    Looks like that's .822 ounces 7/8 is 0.875, so I think they ended up at 9 pellets for two reasons. One is that #1 buck stacks in layers of 3 in a 20 ga hull, and 9 is the multiple that comes in just under 7/8 oz. So that's just over 3 dram equivalent. Pretty hot for a 20 ga round.
  8. gunfun

    i get to try slugs

    I forget how much each #1 buck pellet weighs, but something tells me that 9 of them probably come out to 1 oz... They are ~40 grains each. Of course that's assuming they are the actual size as labeled. Remington shot is notorious for being smaller than what it says on the tin.
  9. gunfun

    i get to try slugs

    So, compare the ammo that you've bought and put it on that chart. Then only buy ammo that falls to the right of the weakest shells which would function 100%.
  10. gunfun

    i get to try slugs

    Fastang, you need to look at both the velocity and the weight. Just velocity isn't enough. Particularly since 20 ga slugs can get very light. A lot of them are saboted or are lighter slugs designed to get a flatter trajectory for East coast deer hunting zones which don't allow rifles. There's a good chance a lot of them are low overall energy. I don't know the function factor for the S20, but you are going to need to know both of those to get to the muzzle engergy / dram equivalent number for your gun. Basically you will need to learn the minimum DR eq that your gun runs at and buy or make ammo over that threshold. Some stuff near the bottom of your threshold might be a little under it's printed numbers and not run, so if you are right on the bleeding edge, you are gambling. Based on your other posts, it looks like your gun probably starts out at ~2 /38 dr eq
  11. gunfun

    i get to try slugs

    Reloading is worthwhile, but I think you are incorrect about brass hulls being the ticket. As a general rule, the federal gold medal hulls are really good, as are the Remngton STS. STS are the least hassle, and have the advantage that gun club hulls are nearly as good and load to the same data and are everywhere for free. High brass is more of a failure point than a benefit, and has nothing to do with the pressure limits of the hull if it is any modern design. The Federal Gold metal are the highest pressure rated hulls, with the STS close second - at least in 12 ga. The STS is low brass, and the FGM is kinda medium low. High brass hulls are often paper basewad style and tend to actually have lower pressure ratings, as well as the potential for defects that can't be observed on inspection.
  12. I'm here a few times a week. However, there aren't always new projects or DIY things that snag my interest. Lately, I spend more time collaborating on youtube and through the reloader's network. I've also kinda been looking at patreon for keeping connected with people. You can follow people even without crossing the paywall. Mostly, I want the ability to filter and prioritize. I want to help new people, but also tune out the personal squabbles and inevitable political tinfoil, and general lechery that seems to accumulate around gun stuff. The ratio here has gotten slim, but there are still a few poeple whose projects and opinions I respect a lot.
  13. Maybe the thing for them to do is sell it as a kit to slap on your US made KUSA K12...
  14. gunfun

    S 12 ready conditions

    post script. There are a lot of right ways to do things, and a much smaller number of wrong ways. You can do your own, even if it isn't what I think is optimal. However, I do strongly suggest that you have a consistent system. By that I mean, have a constant policy about the condition of your guns. You should never wonder if a particular gun is loaded. My policy is that any gun not in the safe or a case is ready to go, and any gun in a case or safe is empty. You might do the opposite, or only have guns on your person or at your bedside ready.... Whatever your system, stick to it.