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  1. I will go ya one better............how bout video?
  2. Thanks guys. The optic is a Kobra sight. Ammo used was Remington Core Lokt 180 gr. PSP. It did a nice job as the top of his heart was shredded pretty good.
  3. I finally got around to getting video up from the bear I got in 2005 using the Saiga .308. Thought some of you guys might get a kick out of it. He ran about 20 yards after the shot and dressed out at 330 pounds.
  4. I used the Remington Core Lockt stuff myself this fall to take my bear. I would have to check the box again to see what weight I was using. This guy dressed out at 330 pounds so we figure he was about 400 before gutting. I took his heart out and he ran about 20 yards before dropping.
  5. Thanks guys. I ordered the sight from Tantal and if I remember right it was about $180. It is the one that uses AA battaries. I am having a 3/4 wall mount made from the bear. The meat is already in the freezer. Bear roast, mmmmmmmmm...........
  6. We headed out to the blind about 4:30 pm on opening day. My brother was along to video tape the hunt. As we approched the blind an absolute monster of a bear was spotted approaching the bait pile. I tried to get in a good position for a shot but the big guy winded us and took off before I could shoot. When he turned and ran off he looked about the size of a Volkswagon. We sat just roasting in the blind when just a bit before dark I saw another bear entering the bait site. I got my brothers attention and he started the video camera. Once the bear got in the opening I decided it looked like a shooter. I sighted in on the bruin and slowly squeezed the trigger. At the sound of the rifle the bear hunched up and then took off running into the woods. We found him just 20 yards in the woods. I scored a heart shot which had completely blown the top half of the heart off. It was a real chore dragging him back out in the open so we could use the lights on the 4 wheeler to aid in the gutting process. Once we got him back to camp, he was placed on a scale. He was 330 pounds after being dressed out. We figured he was close to, if not, 400 pounds live weight. I had him dropped off at the taxidermist within an hour of arriving home.
  7. I did it. Shot one that had to go close to 400, he dressed out at 330 pounds. 1 shot from the Saiga blew his heart out and he ran about 20 yards before going down for the count. I will update with pictures when I get home later this week.
  8. Well I am going to try my best to dispell the myth that our guns have no sporting purpose this weekend. The Cobra is sighted in and I am heading to bear camp Friday morning. My cousin has been sending me pictures off the trail camera about every other day. The bear are hitting my bait pile like crazy. My cousin sat in my blind a couple nights ago to see if anything would come in and he said a monster showed up just before dark. He said it probably went between 400 and 500 pounds. With a little luck I will be able to update this post in about a week with some pictures.
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    Lumpys pics

    Just stuff I uploaded
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    Holy shiznit

    The .308 doesn't have the extra axis pins or whatever they are called. This makes it fairly easy to convert. As you have discovered, the spot welds are the tricky part. Seems to me I used a dremel to get through the spot welds. Once you get that part behind you, the rest is a piece of cake.
  11. Well I have been gone for a few days and just saw this again. My post was a bit out of character for myself. Because of this I will remove the picture. I will not go into my opinion of the original post as it will only serve to inflame the thread. My apologies to katotax, Rook, and any others who were offended.
  12. Each has it's place I suppose. I am actually going to block 1 or 2 of my 8 round mags so they will only hold 5 rounds. This will make them legal for hunting here. However, I am leaving for Bulletfest in a couple days and would have loved to have had a couple 20 round mags for blasting the hell out of the target area with. 20 rounders would be great for plinking but the 8 rounders are fine for a more serious use. Now, if I could just scrape up enough for a beta mag for the machine gun.........
  13. Thanks for the input. I have to admit that I have never used one of the standard mounts so I have no experience with a scope that isn't centered over the bore. I will have to check out the classicarms link. 29 bucks for a mount sounds pretty good. One of the reasons I was thinking about the scope was so that I could squeeze in an extra couple minutes of hunting due to a scopes light gathering capabilities. The idea of a red dot is very interesting as well though. Will one of these fit a standard mount? One thing for sure, the red dot would really be nice if I use this rifle for deer hunting as well. I wonder how good the battaries would hold up in cold weather. Thanks for the input.
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