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  1. It is very durable. It has been tested on a full auto shotgun for thousands of rounds. As with a stand alone folding mechanism the butt stock screws are the weakest link, they will shear before anything else fails. When folded and rotated around a drum, you only need to twist butt stock while unfolding to return it back to shoulder fire position. The button only needs to be pressed once while folding the stock around a drum
  2. The adapter itself is just over 5/8" in thickness
  3. Yes I designed it to accept a pig nose adapter so collapsible stocks could be used
  4. Actually the prototype that Mike has on the gun is my product. I work for Mike and I have had that prototype on our full auto shotgun for a while. I figured one of the best ways to do a durability test would be thousands of rounds of hard rugged use in a full auto.
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