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  1. gunnysmith

    Who currently has 308's?

    My link
  2. gunnysmith

    First Fire Redux

    Congrats on the conversion. Now that being said, set the rear sight back to the 100 meter setting. Adjust the front sight for zero. up to lower the group, down to raise it
  3. gunnysmith

    Higher capacity Mags for Saiga .308?

    922 r It's all in the 922 r regulations. Larger than 10 rounds, you will need more US made parts to be in compliance.
  4. gunnysmith

    First Saiga

    It's a new trunion to be installed after the old one is removed. I see they are using screws to install the new trunion, not rivets. You still have to remove the old trunion.
  5. gunnysmith

    First Saiga

    You'll need 2 long rivets for the rear trunion, and a way to set them
  6. gunnysmith

    Choate Dragunov Stock

    cheek piece Discontinued by Manufacturer
  7. gunnysmith

    Saiga 308 or Remington 700 sps tactical

    Savage Axis Camo $399.00 6.5 lbs
  8. gunnysmith

    trouble boresighting help?

    loosen the mounts start sliding shims under the rear, retorque.
  9. gunnysmith

    Saiga 100 30.06

    Saiga 30-06
  10. gunnysmith

    what MOA does a saiga 308 shoot?

    This is what I am talking about, gunny at what range? In your pics you point to 2 different distances, 100 yards and the 321 yards. If you shot a 5 round group @ 321 yards and got a 1.25" you are a god, LOL. So I am assuming that you shot the 100 yard target which is an average group for the Saiga..... 100 yard target
  11. gunnysmith

    Is this a problem... Piston wobbly

    Wobble is good leave it alone.