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  1. I like this new format. It looks good!
  2. so you think the vplug would help with over gassing? The V plug definitely will help with that issue. If it is over gassed, which it seems to have plenty, then this will help control how much gas is used to increase the longevity of your S12. Congrats on the new purchase. They are addicting!
  3. That looks great! Well worth the work!
  4. With the one I just picked up? No way. I have no idea who did the conversion work, how big the ports are, and even if it functions correctly (haven't fired it yet). However once I get inside of it and correct any issues and re-evaluate it through firing, then yes at that point I would trust it with my life. These are phenomenal weapons and once their tuned there is no stopping them!
  5. I would suggest 3 ports at 3/32, or 4 at 5/64. Not 4 at 3/32. Pauly is right with those port sizes. For myself I really wanted the capability to run Wally World Winchester through it, and even though it is over gassed I have the V-Plug to tame it so I don't bash the rear trunnion. Also I rarely shoot high power slugs or anything like that in my S12 which again would alleviate the likely hood of a damaged trunnion. Wow Milpond that looks great. It is a bitch though isn't it? Halfway through I thought, "Why did I even do this?" haha but in the end I'm glad the way it turned out.
  6. I just found a used one (early 01 w/o threaded barrel or BHO) for $430. I swiped that thing up in a heart beat! It also came already converted, an MD drum, and 3 5 rounders. Oh yea and also 400 rounds of ammo!
  7. I have bills. I have one of the most custom Saiga 12's you could possibly put together. It cycles birdshot 100% reliably now, and anything else you want to put it in. It also cycles the low recoil and less than lethal stuff without a hiccup. Here are the services that have been done to it. 1) Moved the charing handle on the left hand side. This makes operating the S12 a lot easier. 2) Polished all the internals and reshaped them to make an ultra smooth cycling S12. 3) Enlarged the gas ports to the correct diameter. The drunk Russians had 4 different sized ports in my gun which
  8. I never thought I would see a monolithic(ish) S12! I gotta get another S12 now because I just got sights welded to my current one...LOL What's the idea on pricing?
  9. ^^^^ The cock of steel (as demonstrated with the last 2 drums)
  10. Sweet looking conversion. At first sight I thought..."How the fuck did he install that stock upside down?" Then I kept reading..haha. Let us know how she shoots!
  11. There isn't anything you can do to destroy it short of putting it on top of an IED.
  12. The black krylon worked great, until I decided to go OD. It's perfect and cheap for a non hi contact area, as I mean there's not a lot that's going to get up there and scratch it.
  13. Nice weapon. They are addicting aren't they?
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