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  1. 1) Barrel is pressed on, maybe with a serious press you could get it off, but over time you'd deform the barrels and receiver. Better just to get multiple guns. There is also a chance that having a drum and a S12 (even if it is not a SBS) together would make it a DD. So if you get the drum, be prepared to register all the S12s you get as DDs. 2) I'm fairly sure a DD and a Class III are two separate classifications and you'd have to register it as both, but this isn't my area of expertise. 3) There's a possibility. Buy now, even if they're not banned they retain their resale value. 4) Don't buy that goofy package. It's cheap and would violate 922r.
  2. AegisDei

    under folder

    Reminds me of Tom Cole's Auto S12 with the wire folder. That thing left a nice little 12ga tattoo. Definitely get as much padding as you can.
  3. From my experience and readings, they're the bottom of the barrel. I'd gladly pay $150 for an ugly ass Hi-Point instead. At least it is reliable and has a life-time warranty. It might be worth it for a $150 toy, but not for a $150 gun. Just my $0.02
  4. Damn, you've done your research...I'm on my third or fourth conversion and I still can't get everything in one order, and it sux to pay shipping 2,3,4,etc times. So nice job! You don't need the disconnector spring, that will be part of the factory FCG. Just be careful taking it apart and you can dig it out, but if that puppy goes flying it's tough to find again. You will want the PG nut/screw. You might can find something at HD or Lowes taht will work, but it's easier just to buy that. The rivets are a bitch to buck. I got the rivet kit thinking it'd be cake, and it definitely was not. Be prepared that it's a bit tougher than the write-up makes it sound (at least for me). Cobra was a carpenter and I believe had family that were machinists, so he had the tools and know-how that I do not. I'd also suggest getting a shephard's crook (retaining plate) instead of the retaining wire. You'll thank yourself later. And if you get a domestic stock you won't need the piston. And you might want to consider a stock, I didn't see it on your list... There's no way I've found to keep the safety from scraping up the receiver...maybe a teflon coating to reduce the friction? I'd suggest the SWIFT safety selectors if you choose to replace the factory one. If you don't replace it, you might have to cut a small notch in it to get it to clear the new trigger position. Cut the notch very gingerly because if you take too much off the safety ceases to work which isn't too safe. You may also want a new trigger guard. I would go ahead and pick that up were I you. And a selector stop. And maybe an AK buffer. Beyond that, I think you're set from what I can remember. Goodluck!
  5. And don't ARs have to be pump action? If you covered the gas system and used it as a bolt action, then it's legit, but you may double check the legalities of a blowback operated system. http://www.copesdist.com/ak47.htm http://www.tapco.com http://www.classicarms.us/ All have kits or good prices on mixing and matching.
  6. In california? Can you have a semi-auto even if it is 922r compliant?
  7. Welcome back boss man. Glad to see you returned home. Now don't leave again!
  8. ::Inserts foot in mouth:: Sorry Hunter, i should've done more research. Seemed like too crazy an idea to be real. I didn't think the receiver could handle that much pressure/recoil. You sure is hell won't find me shooting a .50BMG out of anything that weighs under 35lbs, and I definitely wouldn't ask my lower to handle it. Neat idea though!
  9. Are you sure you're not thinking about the .50 beowulf? There's a HUGE difference between a BMG and a Beo...
  10. ROFLMAO Wow, the democrats really will fix all our problems. With a witty quip and a donation that my tax dollars allowed them to give...niccccceeeeeee. Let him throw his money away, he'll be that much closer to being another poor democrat bitching about all his problems, but not having enough self-respect to fix the problem himself.
  11. I hate to say it, but I agree. If someone with a lick of sense could make functional gun laws, I'd be happy. I love the 2nd, but not everyone should be armed. The constitution was written for a different time where people had education, morals, and a lot to lose. Citizens, who had the right to bear arms, were landowners: they were not vagrant crackheads. Banning guns isn't the answer, and our constitution doesn't allow for it. But licensing is one possible answer, and the constitution allows for it. The constitution doesn't say "people have an unconditioned right to bear arms" it says "a right to bear arms." Just my $0.02. However, I think BVamp is right that a rotating cylinder magazine will likely reclassify the S12 as a DD, as little sense as that makes. I don't see how a shotgun is any worse than a glock with a 32rnd magazine or an Ak with a 75rnd drum. But unfortunately the .50" rule is the rule, so we may be SOL. But hopefully someday someone may realize there's a difference between unqualified rights and qualified and when that day comes, maybe this silliness can be avoided.
  12. AegisDei

    So now what?

    If it hits the public market, it hits the public market. I don't think there's much to be done. Suppressing the market may work for a while, but eventually enough people will buy it that it will become part of the public domain. Maybe an injunction against manufacture, but I don't think that will work. There is nothing inherently DD about a magazine, it's the gun that is the DD. So we hope that the gun doesn't get reclassified or at least that we get a pleasant grandfather provision.
  13. The DD comes into play when you go over a certain barrel diameter...I believe it's 0.50" but it might be 0.60". So shotguns are automatically more susceptible to reclassification. It's not a guarantee, but it's kind of like sleeping with women in Africa...you might have a jolly time or you might get HIV.
  14. I really prefer the Belarus. The quick release lever makes it much easier and locks in place. It's held a zero perfectly on my S20 and S12. From my understanding the screw downs just aren't quite as secure. I've not tried them, but I give two thumbs up to the Belarus.
  15. Any way to get it down lower to minimize parallax issues? It looks like there's an extra 1/2" of metal that could be removed. But still sweet!
  16. As I explained previously, I'd bet that the SCOTUS won't touch it. You conjecture that it will head to the SCOTUS, but I'd like to hear your reasoning. Additionally, it could be a disaster if it hit the SCOTUS. They can quickly overturn such an overbroad and sweeping opinion. This is an example of conservative judicial activism that the SCOTUS would likely not take kindly to. Even if it was upheld by the SCOTUS, it has never been the case that merely because a right can't be infringed means that it can't be curtailed. The 1st Amendment is the most zealously protected, and there are tons of laws against it. It even says "Congress shall make no law." Yet they do. There is a balance that must be considered with upholding any law. Other gun laws will still be constitutional until specifically challenged and overruled. For now everything is the same except gunowners have taken the first step in the right direction down a VERY long road. Getting overly excited and assuming that we will get unlimited liberty will scare courts and congress into harsh reactions.
  17. Also, the SCOTUS won't touch this with a 60ft pole. They'd be crazy to. Roberts wants his decisions unanimous, and this will split down the middle 5-4. The actual decision won't create a big issue that needs SCOTUS involvement. Instead, each jurisdiction can choose to follow their own laws and citizens can challenge the constitutionality of them. MAYBE, if other jurisdictions rule opposite to this case, then the SCOTUS will have to become involved. But I don't think there's enough challenges to create enough conflict to raise to SCOTUS level. But it will be tough to rule against such a sweeping opinion. The majority really did cover every base, and it will forever be cited in any and every 2nd Amendment brief, argument, and decision from here out. Any court that faces a similar challenge will do so knowing that they're fighting an uphill battle. They can either side with this case, or they can try to rule against it, in which case they'll risk having their decision reversed by the SCOTUS. Some stubborn court may try to do that (California), but not likely because then they risk it becoming the supreme law of the land.
  18. It says SOOOOO much. It basically addressed every anti-gun argument and quashed it. =the right to bear arms deserves the same level of protection as the 1st amendment =individuals have the right to bear arms, not just a collective "people" =modern firearms are protected, not just muskets =textual and functional basis for the decision. weapons are protected regardless of status with militia. that is a purpose of weapons, but the right to be armed supercedes and precedes it. =fuck you democratic, socialist, public policy pushing, pansy pussies i'm gonna go drink, this deserves a celebration.
  19. Nuts should have been paying more attention to the new posts. I just posted on the same topic myself but I found it on the Cato website. The more the word gets out, the better! If people start possessing in the city again it will be that much harder to dispossess them if the decision is overturned.
  20. http://drudgereport.com/04-7041a.pdf I know it's linked through drudge report, but it's a legit opinion.
  21. A good price is about $300. $125 is dirt cheap. Nice buy
  22. I'd bet my ass he's a law student, an an average one at that. Most likely he's a first year law student at that. If he were a 2-L or 3-L he'd have too much work to be spending much time on his replies. And if he were a good 1-L, he'd be immersed in his job search and wouldn't have time either. He's a middle-runner that is competent enough to throw some legal jargon around. He's sitting in his classes, not learning the law, making himself feel better for dumping $15-25k a year on an education that he's not taking advantage of b/c he can't get to the top of the class where the money is made. So he takes out his misery on non-legal "laymen" and it gives him a stiffy and justifies his waste of 3 years and $75k to go to law school. Notice how he didn't claim to be a lawyer. He gave an ambiguous answer that was nothing but a smoke screen. If he claimed he is a lawyer but is not, he'd never see his license. The American Bar Association doesn't take kindly to fraud. All he says is he's not "your lawyer." He's not your lawyer, so it's true. But he's not a lawyer period! He's a law student that needs to show a bit of respect and care for his fellow gun-wielding peers. I'm not a member of ARF.com, otherwise I'd call him out. But he's borderlining misrepresenting himself on that forum, getting others to support him (which I agree, he's made good points and research), and being rude while doing it. See if he'll claim to be a lawyer. I bet he'll give some offended answer that blows a bunch more smoke then avoids the issue entirely. I think he needs to step down from his high-horse.
  23. I was wondering about that, thanks! Now I think I recognize her. Thank you. I may go shirtless, I may go hungry, but I'll always have at least a pistol. Even the Bible agrees with me on this. Two Other Bible Quotes: "If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed." ~ Exodus 22:2 "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace." ~ Luke 11:21
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