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    My Saiga 12

    Gorgeous gun Salmon! Nice work. Definately get some more pics up when you get a chance. And nice photography too...bada$$ with the tac-light, knife, and .45. Now just throw on a grenade launcher and you'll be set. Flamethrower could be cool too though...hrm, gives me some ideas. Have a good one and keep us posted!
  2. Hey Marko...the other day when I was joining it said that I would get a confirmation email sent within 10minutes...nine hours later I got it. So it could just be a time problem. How long has it been?
  3. I've never used your work Tony, but I know it's well respected. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you'll be missed. However, you'll always be welcomed back if you ever decide you're ready to go again. I hope everything is well for you, and please at least do what you can to stay in touch on the forum and enlighten us with your occasional $0.02. Goodluck with whatever future projects you take on.
  4. Thanks Hardcorps...I hadn't thought of that. I was too busy thinking of how sick a dual-drum could be, but I think you're right: collectable appeal, visual appeal, classic AK-ish appeal, I probably ought to pick up a few 8-rounders. Not to mention, 8+1 isn't a bad load in a semi-auto shotgun, and I imagine the 8-rounders are probably smoother, faster, more reliable, and better balance than drums could be. Though I'll keep my fingers crossed and a little extra in the bank account in case a dualy does appear on the market. Guess I just have to hope that I hear back from Finland, that or learn how to work a telephone international-style. Thankfully, someone already posted instructions. Now if I could just find enough quarters for a call to Europe, I guess I ought take my Saiga to my piggy bank and see what comes out.
  5. Woah! Now I'm in a pickle...go ahead and spring for the 8-rounders, or wait and pray that StonyCreek makes a contraption that holds more than 10? Since some of you MacGuyver knock-offs have already done the 10round bongo setup, I'm guessing it won't take them 2 months to get it out on the market: they should've had something that simple out a while ago. So what's y'all's opinion? Are they just being careful to make sure the 10round bongos work well when connected to our great 12ga russian deers, or do you think they're going the extra step and connecting 2 bongos into one feed-tower? I can only imagine it: our deers would have a pair of balls hangin' down that would make an elephant jealous.
  6. Ok, so what's the deal with barrel length and flash suppressors? It looks like the suppressors are ~1", so does that mean I can get my barrel taken down to 17.25" and add 1" of suppressor? I imagine not, but always worth asking. Also, it looks like the flash is just going to be spread out in all directions, but that really helps reduce the signature at night? Lastly, I want one!!! All I need is the die and guide, the flash suppressor, and an opposable thumb? Or do I need some fancy tools and a lot of skill? Is the die, guide, and suppressor available? Or is there a long wait? How much would it be to get everything? Also, is there anyway to make one that has vents only around 75% of it so that the flash goes down and sideways, and almost none goes up? Is there a point to a design like that? Sheesh, too many questions, I'll stop now. Let me know please! Thanks!!!
  7. AegisDei

    Barrel length

    Ok, y'all seem to know what you're talking about a lot better than I do. What defines a pistol vs. a rifle in terms of barrel length? In other words, how come there can be assault pistols like the Bushmaster Carbon 15 series? Their barrel length is well short of a rifle's, they're high cap, they take rifle-sized rounds, etc. So is this another circumstance where it's just some idiot liberals trying to restrict our guns, or is there a fairly obvious difference and set of rules regarding the pistols vs rifles? Just in case you're not familiar with the pistols: http://www.bushmaster.com/shopping/carbon15/ Thanks for y'all's expertise.
  8. AegisDei


    Well dang...I should've gotten a flash suppressor. Hrm...probably why it's called a suppressor, huh? Anyone have any clues why the pistol I shot had the vented muzzle? The flash went strait up and to the sides, right where I wanted to be aiming. I figured that was a flash suppressor, but as I say I'm not very gun-savy. So the next question is, are there any good flash suppressors, and what's the best way to go about it installed? Thanks for the help y'all! I love this forum.
  9. AegisDei


    I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'll toot Elite Firearm's. That's a sexy gun! Thanks again Dave!!!
  10. AegisDei


    Pictures as promised.
  11. AegisDei


    What's up Saiga-12 forum? I'm a newbie, so I figured I'd introduce myself and thank everyone for some most useful information. Seeing as I'm not the most gun-savy, please always be patient with me if I ask stupid questions. I also wanted to introduce my Saiga to the crowd, get some feedback and opinions. I don't think I could be much happier with it, however the using the k-var buttpad doesn't let me fold my stock. Anyone aware of a buttpad that would still let me fold my stock? I think I'm going to try to modify the ACE 1" to fit, but that might be a bigger pain than it's worth. And no, I'm not a total wuss, I just want everyone to be able to shoot it without much pain: that includes my rather small step-mother and some petite female friends of mine. The motivation behind this Saiga was to fulfill my own fantasy of what a tactical assault shotgun should be: 100% functional, 110% reliable, but sporty too. The primary use is home defense, but on the weekends I'll take it out hunting or shoot clays. Also, I was trying to model it after the Spetnaz's 12k. I went against getting the raised AK front site so I could keep the adjustables for sport shooting, and I didn't get the flash-suppressor because if I'm using it at night (ie: home defense), I worried I'd be blinded by the flash. I've shot the Springfield .45 with the slotted muzzle at night and I couldn't see after the first shot to put the next few rounds on target. Any feedback on this? Can you still see at night after shooting with the flash suppressor? Lastly, I opted out of the Kobra optic because I've heard it's slower to come up on target and I didn't want to have to take it off everytime I went sporting, and then replace it at home. Also, I didn't want to risk battery failure, so I instead had the sites replaced with Night Sites: as dorky as it sounds, I got that idea out of Halo 2 and it really is sick-nasty to lay in bed and only be able to see 3 glowing dots on my H&K .45USPc and the three glowing sites on the Saiga. They look like ethereal eyes of a monster that I know looks out for me at night and lets me sleep all the more soundly. Next, let me give a HUGE THANKS TO DAVE MICHENER at ELITE FIREARMS. He took on this project, and even with all the issues with his employee and insane amounts of orders, he manged to produce my fantasy weapon, and I had set the bar extremely high. He may not have a week-long turn around, but it is more than worth the wait. You will get what you imagined, and it will be flawless! BTW, I'm fairly sure this is a one of a kind gun so please don't get mad if you try to get something similar and are refused. Fitting that Bulgarian triangle was a project in itself, one that he doesn't seem too eager to do again, but it's always worth a try if you're super eager. Everything else I know he'd be happy to do, and if you really want the folding stock, get any kind besides the Bulgy. And without further ado, the list of modifications and pictures will be following... Mods: Saiga 12C w/ adjustable sites Tapco Saw PG Barrel cut and recrowned to 18.5" Adjustable sites replaced with Glock Trijicon Tritium Contrast Night Sites Bulgarian Triangle Side-Folder Manual Bolt Hold-open Black Duracoat Gas-port work Blackjack Buffer (green) K-var Grenade Launching Buttpad (when stock is open) Anything else I ought do to it that I've neglected? Let me know if you can think of something.
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