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  1. " Now my personal long gun collection is complete for what I'm interested in collecting." To be able to say that, holy shit. Never knew there was a 5.56 version out there. I remember sighting down a AWB SAR-4800 with thumbhole and plastic, non-perforated fake flash hider. Reminded me of driving a 76 Ford Elite. REAL long, yet balanced and sleek feeling. Have you considered a modern flash hider? I know proper gun fasion. A Vortex or PWS FHC-30 is FAL proper as anything FN ever screwed onto a muzzle, and suited to 5.56 as well (not that 5.56 especially after 21" of barrel will suffer
  2. "Remington Model 11 in 16 gauge" Clyde's main CCW SBS, dissapeared under the double breasted drape suit coats, let alone topcoats, of the time. Even in very small guy by today's standards. Bonnie had one of her own, a 20 ga. chopped much shorter. model 11 was the go-to riot gun for most top depression era gunfighters, lawman or theif, but often, those with a lot of bravado and probably have decent biopics done on them. About the same time as a .351 Winchester and a .38 Super 1911A1 and .380 1908 for backup, were the carbines and pistols that the trendy and/or in the know carried. Even wit
  3. Sorry to necro this but what an outstanding thread... Everything I wanted to know even some sources to try. Just wonder what it will cost for the stock, latch, trunnion, and folding mechanism, pluss all the pro smithing work I need, in 2013 A couple years ago I was creaming for this guy on Warriortalk's RJ custom S-12C (18" counting perm. attached 10 slot), IIRC was 2700. I knew it was a hell of a deal, even then. This shotgun will be my most expensive weapon even if I win the lotto and get a Scar 17. But has been a dream since 99. Badass and the only western thing about it besides miniu
  4. And gave thought to a PPS when they were 300. with 4 35rd. mags, but...as much as I love choppers AND Soviet weapons never liked the looks or imagined feel of it. I really like the carbine and Suchka sized Saiga 9's, just think .30 Tok would be better. The Saiga 9 that would really tickle my prostate is a 9x39 (complete with ammo). With or without can, seems like a cool thumper
  5. MI allows SBR as of when? AFAIK it was anything NFA including DD and AOW, except SBR/SBS. Which are the ones that interest me.
  6. I was interested in a 74 Style Brake for a S-12 or 20 ga., hopefully when i do my build this year it will be in stock, otherwise will get a 24mm/Bulgy 74 style flash hider he sells and a FSB (short I think, going to use stock rear sight, not his AK unit which is also cool but more if you're getting the handguards and all). Does anyone know the OAL of either of these units, or better yet how much they add to factory threaded barrel? Taking mine back in any case, rethreading then permanantly attaching device for 18.25-18.5 total. Also interested in the long version 10 Slot FH by other mfg. which
  7. http://www.strikehold.net/2012/11/23/the-saiga-9-carbine-a-brief-introduction/ These would be the coolest 7.62x25 firearms ever
  8. Seeing pics of the 9mm Saiga PCC and SMGs got me thinking, how much better it would be in the Tok round, and taking PPS-43 mags at that. More power and penetration, still cheap for now, and a com-bloc classic round. I can understand why they went with 9mm in this day and age in Russia, but can't help but think this would make a cool PCC/SBR. I mean on one hand everything positive that can be said of x25 also applies to 5.45, maybe it's just me but i think it would be a cool project. I know Suarez was getting an x25 made on some type of AK, never saw how it turned out. Anyone ever do one?
  9. Just wondering...have seen some pics of SBS Izhmash factory S-20's, but don't believe I have seen one with a flash hider. Seen them unthreaded, with a muzzle nut, and with the external choke mounted (on the common 20K photo also with Saiga rifle handguard). Have heard the Russian FH is a long unit with round and moon shaped comp ports, and a birdcage forward of that. So the 10 slot (or 6?) was never used on the 20 ga.? I am thinking of acquiring an IZ-105. And one part of a long, as funds allow, conversion project is to have the barrel chopped and rethreaded, install a Dinzag FSB and had
  10. Can't wait to see it, in fact if I could have one NFA item it would be a shorty S-20 Back in the day you had luparas like the Ithaca Auto & Burglar (which makes a Judge look silly), and even the Remington 17 Special Police which was a factory PGO Browning/Ithaca/current Stevens style pump with 15" barrel. At some point, combat shotguns, even the sawed offs, became 12 ga. standard. Which is too bad, even in riot gun length a 20 vs. a 12 shaves a ton off recovery time, allows full buckshot loads to be used by small women and little kids, don't even need a recoil pad. When you get into b
  11. You can get Dupleks too if you want a mag of slugs around
  12. Just curious what the fees would look like. Or if any builders have a normal package to convert a 109 into S-12 c configuration. I like the 030 style swat versions you can get now( though with garbage furnature and a too long barrel, and normal trunnion.) and the Dinzag parts kit , but want to go with KISS clean and mean and lightweight. Maybe not even the FSB. But a barrel chop and permanantly attach a 10 slot flash for 18.25" ,and a Triangle or 100 series maybe one 8 rd. mag with some 5's all Izhmash. But heard a little about changes in importation and might be possible to get what I wa
  13. I will have to check out Cadiz. If they could do a S-20, might kill at least 2 birds with one stone for me. Nothing special. The first Saiga shotgun I saw a pic of was an S-20 C, plain muzzle, Bulgy triangle stock. That without the stock. Not an AKS-12U (or the AK-74 style S-12 by Tac 47 currently saving for) by any means but Russian looking, how I like 'em. Not so crazy about the Ithaca anymore. I'd like one, but am putting the Tac-47 S-12 and a Mac 10/11 SMG(of any variety, hopefully at or below 3 grand but will go over for Powder Springs vs. SWD M-11/9 if it comes to a few hundered) at the
  14. Back years ago, I was all tacticool and would never own a firearm that was not intended as a serious weapon. until the day I tried to have my favorite FFL order me a .22 conversion kit for my SA Loaded (even ball will put you in the poorhouse with a .45, this unit would pay for itself in no time). I ended up walking out later that day with a 5.5" blue MKII 22/45, NIB for a fair amount less than the kit would have been. Now at that point, it was still just a trainer (the kit would have allowed my own real .45 trigger and controls, holster, etc. Then I shot the bastard and discovered how much fu
  15. My short list for 2012-2013 (if the world is still here, and SBR/SBS still not allowed): AWC Amphibian II Ithaca Stakeout 20 ga. M-11/9 SMG (or, Mac-11/380 SMG or Mac 10/9 or 45 SMG) Ruger AC-556 with factory folder Start working on these after a Tac-47 AK-74 configured custom S-12, and a couple Ruger or Glock handguns. Will probably break my cherry on the Ithaca. The other day I saw a Steyr MPi-69 for like 3 g's, if I find a similar deal once that S-12 is done, that will be first. Really cannot wait, and if someplace would give me a long term loan for $20 g @ 33% or even higher inter
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