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  1. My Last Round Bolt Hold lever needs adjustment. What size Spanner Screwdriver is needed for the adjustment? Thanks
  2. I have a stock Vepr12. The bolt holds back with a mag installed no issues. The bolt hold button is visible. Once the button is depressed and the bolt closes, the button is no longer visible. When the mag is removed, still no bolt hold button is visible. If I pull the bolt back, the button stays depressed. I’ve seen where the bolt can be locked back without a mag installed by depressing the bolt hold button and pulling the bolt back. My BHB stays depressed so I cannot do this. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fix. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Just a simple question ......... with the many feeding issues associated with AGP mags, why hasn't AGP come forward with tips on how to fix the problem. Instead we have to rely on R&D from their customer base. If they are not working properly, AGP should support their base and fix them. Any ideas?
  4. Do what I did .......... contact NYS ATF and ask them directly. Then, contact the Buffalo police and see what they say. DO NOT rely on your local gun shops - most I talked to were incorrect. Go to the source for correct information. I was surprised to see their interpretation.
  5. Ask Tony .......... I believe he did the first install.
  6. Rocketman320 is that yours? nice lookin' gun! rocketman320, I agree totally with Juggernaut, that's an AWESOME looking gun! I can only hope my TROMIX Saiga-20 currently on order with Tony comes out looking half as good. CONGRATS!!!! ... ... Thanks Gary ........... what you ever ordered from Tony, know that his craftsmanship is top notch and you will not be disappointed.
  7. Rocketman320 is that yours? nice lookin' gun! Thanks ......... that's my gun but in all fairness, all the thanks and credit goes to Tony. He was patient and we tried some new things on the gun that had never been installed before and he did a fantastic job. He is the #1 guy in S12 conversions.
  8. Need I say more ...... Tromix ......... the very best in Saiga conversions .......... period.
  9. Here is an alternatvie. Tony mounted a Command Arms LHV47 lower guard om my S12 - they did it could not be done but Tony proved everyone wrong. The LHV47 also comes with an top guard as well that will fit an S12 with an integrated solid top mount with ventilation. http://www.commandarms.com/categories.asp?cID=17 This system is lighter and less expensive than the HALO (Halo is a fine product) and offers a very AK look - Tantal sells them on his site. There is never an issue with the poly LHV47 - it is an excellent alternative. Here is an example of the lower guard:
  10. Thinking about getting a LRBHO - how are they perforing in the field? Also, cannot find the link to convert the 10 round mag for use with the LRBHO - does anyone know where I can find it. Thanks and Merry Christmas
  11. Tony Rumor and I worked a lot on this gun. The front end is a Polychoke with a flash hider milled into it. The sights are Krebs. This conversion was the first S12 to use the Command Arms TDI forward grip. TDI and basically everyone said it could not be done. I told Tony I would purchase the parts and have him take a look and as usual - Tony proved them wrong and it good to see others using the grip as well. The grip is really comfortable and lightweight - configurations are completed quickly. Tony then agreed to add the top AK guard to finish the project. Other mods include a blackjack
  12. The Socom 4 is an excellent stock and extremely stout - worth the investment.
  13. rocketman320


    Hunter ......... real simple. Blackjack Buffer combined with Limbsaver butt pad. Thats all you need.
  14. Tony installed one on my S12 and I can shoot magnum BB rounds all say with no pain what so ever unlike my Remington 870. That combined with a recoil buffer - fantastic. Rocketman
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